KemBali Shared Donation and Visited Displaced Families in Pengotan Village

The hottest issue in Bali now is the rise of Mount Agung status that has reached into Level 4 – Imminent. Related to this event, the people on the slopes of Mount Agung, Karangasem and surrounding areas have been displaced. As a form of concern, Green School invites all GS residents to donate the goods and materials needed by the refugees. KemBali also participated donate warm clothes and some toys for the refugees. If you have any puzzles, cards, dominos, friendship bracelets kits, warm clothing, sarongs etc., and you would like to donate to displace families of the volcano, you can drop them off at KemBali. We sent a load today and will continue to.

Besides, refugee camps also need volunteers to teach children to adolescents, because as long as they are displaced they do not attend school. Also, evacuation board needs volunteers to provide useful activities for adults and elderly people. Therefore, on Wednesday, our KemBali team, Robi and Ibu Ncie from Merajut Indonesia visited displaced families in Pengotan Village to teach youth and adults how knitting using plastic. We hope with this activity, displaced communities will remain productive and gain new knowledge to be applied in the future.

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