Kindergarten – Term 1 week 3 – Colourful Kindy!

What a BLAST! It was an amazing week!

A week where we added the Bahasa Indonesia words for colours in at every opportunity. From games, and cooking, to who is kindy helper for the day, we learnt biru, putih, kuning, hijau, jingga and merah – ask your kids for the meanings in English.


Monday was done joyfully by singing and dancing. We excitedly learned low and fast rhythm through the guitar’s melody played by Pak Aris. We had to stay seated quietly when the rhythm was going slow and we had to do crazy movements when the rhythm was going fast. We also sang “Blue Bird Through My Window” where we had to find someone to be another bird and then they could choose their colour. We also had so much fun in singing “If You’re Happy and You Know It” and we could decide the movements that we would love to do, such as clapping hands, stomping feet, shouting hooray, moving one arm, etc.

Using what is around us.

We also had adventures in exploring the nature by picking up some dry leaves, stones and young mangoes for our projects. Then, we went to The ihub and Kembali to explore more about things that could be recycled. We picked bottle caps, used boxes and used paper that we could use in the classroom and have already began to turn them into something new.

Green Studies

Tuesday went really well with so much joy. We had fun learning more about chickens by listening to a story called “Henny Penny” during Green Studies time. We learnt how to take care of a hen and that we should hold the hen in a gentle, calm and firm way.  We also explored some the other farm animals too that live at Green School. We fed the chickens, saw some new piglets and got to stroke a cow.  Then, we went to a subak and enjoyed creating mud balls and then we pushed beans inside the balls. They will be used for planting when they are dry and firm and our beans have began to germinate and seedlings started to poke out. All of these fun activities were also assisted by Ibu Susun who as well as being a gardener also takes care of the animals.

Teman Teman

We had our first Teman-Teman session of the school year. Teman- Teman means Friends and so we invited our Gecko pals over for a play visit. They liked it so much they are going to come again next week.


Wednesday was also full of excitement. There was a lot of fun moving around the gym using the hoops. We had a lively time doing the movements based on the instructions given by Pak Garrett, Ibu Amanda and Pak Putu. The movements were called “walk the dog”, “flat tyre”, “sit inside the car”, “around the world”, “feed the bunny”. When the music was on, we had to move around holding the hoop and when the music was off, we had to do the movement instructed by Pak Garrett. We also had a fun time playing “What time is this, Mr Wolf?” and Listening Game. We did some movements called “Banana”, “Split”, “Banana Split”.

Mystery Guests

Everyone was excited to welcome the mystery guest for the day on Thursday. Many of us expected that the mystery guest would be one of our family members. Everyone happily welcomed Pak Edu (aka Lola’s Dad) and Pak Ferry with their two adorable owlets. Pak Edu explained that the little owlets were rescued from his construction site and he took them with care and is going to build a huge aviary for them where they are staying.  The names of the owls are “Lola” and “Jackson”.  Pak Edu and Pak Ferry patiently explained how owls live, hunt & grow.  Some of us were surprised to know that owls called nocturnal animals. Some of us already knew this and together we thought of other nocturnal animals such as foxes and bats.

Cookery class

We passed Friday with bunch of exciting activities with the highlight being our messy cooking session. We made “dadar gulung” which are delicious Balinese pancakes. They were not normal pancakes as we used suji leaves  to make green colouring and beetroot to make red colouring and had rainbow pancakes. We made a lot of mess during the process as we also squeezed and squeezed grated coconut to get the milk to use in our mixture. To make the filling we used grated coconut and palm sugar. Our colourful pancakes were a huge success as none of us dislike the taste. We all loved them!

Things to note:

Ibu Ari came to check our hair for head lice whilst we heard stories this week. Everyone was checked, even the teachers, and we like to do this every few weeks.  If your child is found to have any lice or nits (the eggs) then we will let you know and the nurse team will also send you an email. You can choose to treat your child yourself or alternatively you can let Ibu Ari do it for you. She uses natural products and patience and the cost is IDR 200,000 until the lice and eggs are all gone.

Lastly, We would like to introduce you to our new Parent Class Ambassadors!  Ibu Candice – Poppys Mum, Pak Steve – Mira’s Dad. They will be contacting you shortly themselves to say hello and are a team to help organise events and support the class and families in Kindy.

Early Years potluck – Wednesday 4th September – see last weeks blog for details of what to bring.

Have a weekend full of rainbows,

The Kindy Team

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