Kindergarten – Term 1 – Week 4 – Pizza to Celebrate We are One

Dear Parents,

“Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination and life to everything.”


Music with Ibu Jamie, Pak Aris and singing and dancing with The Geckos

What a busy fun week we had! Starting the week singing and dancing with Ibu Jamie and Pak Aris in our music class. We practised how to listen to, as well as pay attention to, soft and loud music. If the music is getting softer and slower, we move in a slow motion, when the music is getting louder we move in a speed. What a challenge but of course we could do it!

It was also our second meeting with our teman-teman (friends), the Geckos, in our Kindy classroom. We have built relationships with many different friends from the youngest class in the school.  We danced, moved, wiggled and sang together. Our favorite song was “Tooty ta”, here is the link if you want to dance at home: .

Physical Well-being 

As we have been developing our gross motor skill in various ways, freely jumping, digging, pushing, pulling, hanging etc., on the playground. In PW this week stations were set up to develop and strengthen our motor skills too:  including jumping, throwing and balancing. The big lesson that have been practising is body awareness –  aware of our own body and others when we move around the gym.

Green Science

During Green Science class, we went jungle! We swung on vines, tasted tamarind from the trees and looked for wiggly, crawly creatures.

The tamarind was sour but we love them. Ask us where to get the tamarind!

We went to a short visit to our baby plants, we plan to move them to our garden very soon!

We also observed how different creatures live in different ways. Some mini beasts love to hide under the rocks or even in the ground. You should look close to the nature about you to figure out these interesting facts!

As a kid, we never forget to have fun, this what fun looks like in the jungle!

Yay, we swung on the trees’ hanging roots and vines. They are so strong and can hold the weight of our body as we swing back and forth which is more fun than our swing on the playground.

Art Project

We finished our art thematic project which talked about diversity around us but we are still one family. As the last touch of this project, we went to the mud pit to get some mud then tested it. We had a collaboration ideas of doing this project which came from an open discussion between teachers and children.  The idea was mixing the mud with glue then spread it on top of our colouring art project. We gently and beautifully scratched the layer of mud and saw how beautiful the colour from the patterns created underneath peeped through.

This was how we testing the mud! We needed to get mud that was not so wet then mix them altogether with the glue before we spread them on top of the art project

We have realized we love to play in the mud so we went back for another visit. Do you know what we saw in the mud? Yes hundreds of tadpole and fish. What a cool place to explore! The fish and tadpoles swam around around our feet. As we love to do an observation, we gently scooped the fish in our hands, observed them and let them go back again.

Here we go, our art jigsaw piece made out of fresh mud!

Nature Walk

We went on a duck hunt, have you ever noticed that we have ducks around the school? The duck house is close to the Shanti house or the service center. In order to get to the duck’s house, we needed to balance on the big rocks, then climbed the tall rope and giant wheels otherwise we might have slipped into the boiling, bubbling lava!.

What a beautiful day seeing all the ducks, kwaking in a pond with all of the ducks family. Selamat pagi bebek (Good morning ducks)!

Mystery Guess

As we love collaborating with all member of our community, guess who came to be a mystery guess? We were super lucky this week, we had two mystery visitors came on Friday. First was Galilelo’s dad, Pak Aaron who came to tell us their journey to Bali Reptile Rescue. He shared many pictures of snakes including King Cobra. The most interesting picture was Galileo being brave to have the snake on his neck. Do not worry, it was a nice snake that wanted to say hello to Galileo.

“Food, to me, is always about cooking and eating with those you love and care for.”

-David Chang-

Second mystery guest was Pak Yotam, the best chef who taught us our cooking class. If you have not met Pak Yotam yet, he is Idan’s daddy. We absolutely love this collaboration, thank you for this memorable cooking class. We got to learn how to make the yummiest pizza in the world with some chef’s skill like kneading the dough, rolling them and putting some extra topping on top, cheese, tomato and olives. Yummy… super delicious. In case you want to make pizza at home, here are some steps that we did.

First we mixed the flour, yeast, sugar, oil, and warm water.

Second, we kneaded the dough using our hands, we had so much fun mixing them all until the texture became sticky, remember not too dry … or too wet!

Third, we rolled the dough in a nice and gentle way.

Fourth, our last touch was putting the sauce, tomato with extra and extra cheese as well as the olive, yuumm…

Fifth, pizza would love to have a good sleep for about 30 minutes in the oven.

Last, happy eating 🙂

Art collaboration with Ibu Gena

This collaboration happened with Ibu Gena and Pak Kadek, our primary art teachers. They invited us to do a huge art collaboration with primary friends, especially Grades 4 and 5. We worked, shared and had fun. In a small group, we painted two giant canvas, the biggest ones that we have ever seen. We needed to sit and crawl to paint on top of them, wow what a cool project. We then started to add our colourful hand prints to the mural. Together, we can make this happen, this canvas is going to be hung around the the Sangkep as you might see the Sangkep is under construction now and we wanted to give an art touch to the bamboo wall.

Bahasa Indonesia

A: Siapa nama kamu (What is your name)?

B: Nama saya Ibu Silvi (My name is Ibu Silvi)

We learnt those simple conversation during Bahasa Indonesia class as we also continued to learn warna (colors) in Bahasa Indonesia. So we did stand up, hands up, pair up. We practiced them with our friends and teachers in the classroom.


Another puppet show with Ibu Jo and Ibu Ria. You must already know about “Little red hen” story. It taught us how to help and share with others as sharing is caring. We modified this story in funny way that made everybody laugh. Here, in this story, the hen loves to sing and her favorite song is “Skidamarink” with this link 


We practised numbers and counting by twos and use this to do some class subtraction, addition and lots of estimation using stories, question cards and fun games.

“Children need the freedom and time to play. Play is not a luxury. Play is a necessity.”

-Kay Redfield Jamison-

Play time is always fun because it is our time to explore ourselves and to be who we truly are!

We have special favour to ask to you all, please remember to close the gates if you enter or go out of our playground. We want to make sure all of the Early Years family are safe in our learning neighborhood! Thank you!

And don’t forget to bring our green bowls back next week after you have eaten your share of the pizza dough.

Dates for your diary:

Wednesday 4th September from 8:15 am-9:30 am: Early Years potluck breakfast. Please label your food contributions and remember no nuts 🙂

Have a great weekend,

The Kindy Team


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