Kindergarten – Term 1 Week 8 – Together we can build our world!

Our four days at school this week were busy and full with celebrating with our friends, sharing ideas, team work and exploration.

“Happy birthday to you.

Happy birthday to you.

Happy birthday, dear Lola.

Happy birthday to you.”

Everyone enthusiastically celebrated Lola’s birthday. Lola and her mum, Ibu Claudia, shared some fun stories with everyone in the class about Lola’s interests since she was younger. Ibu Claudia happily showed some pictures of Lola busy in so many different activities such as skiing, swimming, dressing up shows and especially times with her dog. Lola enthusiastically added detail about these fun moments in her life.  Claudia also proudly shared that Lola has been named “Mini Ocean Ambassador” for Monaco in France. She has been invited to the Charity Gala which is presided by HSH Prince Albert II of Monaco and founded by Global Fundraising Chairman Milutin Gatsby  which is followed by activities dedicated to the health of our oceans. bringing together global philanthropists, policy makers, business leaders, scientists, celebrities & young activists. What an amazing experience and honour for Lola!

In Teman-Teman , Kindy and the Geckos had so much fun in our Bali garden and along our living fence planting the sunflower seedlings which Kindy had started to grow two weeks ago as a part of our Thematic  A Sense of Place.  The Geckos showed enthusiasm in digging the soil in our garden and we helped them to use gentle hands to transplant the fragile shoots. Alongside this we chose pebbles that we could paint to make the boarder of the garden a little clearer. The fun and challenging part was we could only use the primary colour paints – red, blue and yellow and that we could mix them into new other colours to brighten up the pebbles. It was awesome to see everyone work together and help each other to plant and paint.

We also enjoyed visiting the Vortex during a nature walk. Some of us could share the importance of the Vortex for Green School and told their friends what it did. We were all amazed to see the Vortex and we also reminded each other about safety around water and especially the Vortex.  It was a quick visit and many of us hope that we can come back and look again.

Ibu Nicoline and Ibu Pera enthusiastically brought us to their Green Studies homestead to do some fun activities. We first hunted for some seeds and the favourite of these were the shiny tamarind ones. We had to make a hole through each seed, we used a power drill to do this with help from our teachers. Then we created things to be used as  additional decorations for the big mural project and we also added ourselves to the mural design so when you see it when it is finished see if you can spot us all in there. Each one of us had different ideas of how we should use the seeds, beads and bamboo in our creations. The results were amazing!

To help develop our own play area and grow our Sense of Place we were excited to plan and design our own mud kitchen by using some recycled materials assisted by Ibu Dita and Ibu Diana from the Project Hub and iHub.  On their first visit we thought about what is in a kitchen and how it might look in different places around the world or at different periods of time. We noticed similarities and differences between them and considered how things have changed over the years. In groups we considered all the things we felt important to a Mud Kitchen and what we thought we needed to add to our ones in our playground.

 When Ibu Dita and Ibu Diana came a second time they asked us to make prototypes for our ideas. We were divided into 4 groups and each group created our own design that we wanted to be in our mud kitchen. We collaborated our ideas together into awesome creations. It was wonderful time that we could share what was on our mind and made the ideas into real objects. We all put forth effort in cutting, pasting and drawing. It was also exciting that we could present our creations to everyone. Have a look to see what we designed:

The Mud kitchen project is on a roll and so get ready for your call for involvement from the children coming soon!

Last but not least in this weeks blog, we had so much fun during PE time with Pak Edu, Ibu Amanda and Pak Putu. Pak Edu started the session with a yoga story to get our bodies and minds ready to move. Then we jumped over hoops, we stretched our bodies out, we dribbled balls around the cones. We had so much energy that we did those fun exercise with full of excitement. The movements made us feel happier and healthier.

It has been a busy and awesome week for us! We learned, we had fun, we laughed, we played. We can’t wait to have more amazing things next week!

Dates for your Diary

Monday 30th September : Early Years Parent Gathering  – 9.15am in Starling Merah classroom.

Tuesday 1st October: Kindergarten Field trip to Mepantigan Bali  – Check out our coming email for further information and details of what to bring.

Friday 4th October: Last day of Term 1

5th – 20th October: Mid Semester Break

Monday 21st October: First day of Term 2

Thursday 31st October: Early Years Halloween Celebration (We are giving you lots of notice in case you want to start planning costumes or thinking of an idea for a “trick” or “treat” activity or game or craft for the day)

Finally, thank you everyone who we got to talk to on Friday. It was wonderful to share together about the children and to develop our connections with you all. We are looking forward to meeting the final few parents in the days ahead. At the end of next week you will be receiving the first school report of the year into your inboxes.

Have a great weekend,

Team Kindy

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