Kindergarten – Term 2 – Week 1 – Bones, Bending and Outer Space Magic.

Welcome back, we have started the term with our usual fast-paced Kindy style: running, creating, discovering, sharing, planting seeds, imagining, falling over then getting up again and with lots of singing! Here is a snapshot of how we spent our mornings all before 8.45. Are you tired just looking at our fun?

Everyone had so much to share about their week away from school. Beaches, family time, hotel rooms, play-dates, boats and aeroplanes all featured strongly in our tales of our weeks adventures. Niluh brought in crabs for us to look at and Gilang the part of a spine of a fish. These were added to our nature area with explanations and extra research to find out about more about what we were looking at. Unfortunately, something came and ‘disappeared’ the fish bones in the night!!! Did you see anything suspicious?


It began with a burning, boiling mass of gases and larva, bubbling away too hot to go close to: the star at the centre of our solar system. A host of planets were created. Each one now circles in orbit around the star, or sun as some of you may know it better.  This new solar system is filled with planets of all shapes, colours and landscapes. Some  are covered in  with ice cream and marshmallow trees, others are made up of swirling rainbows, there are volcanoes and purple mountains, water planets and more.  On these planets live strange creatures, unlike any we have ever encountered before.  And our new thematic has been born! Who knows what it will grow into over the weeks ahead……


Ibu Cherry helped us stretch and bend and breathe this week with a packed yoga class full of new things. We moved through Sun Salutation B before launching into a song and pose sequence called ‘Clap it.’ This involved crescent moon shaped side stretches and bends forward towards our toes and the other way in a dolphin back stretch.  We tried out camel pose and did new knee bend balances as well, modifying each one as suits our experience and ability. Ibu Cherry and the children talked about why it is important to do a pose on both sides and to try to to work our body equally. We know one side might find it easier than another for us and that is ok. It got tricky as we did shoulder stands and the plough position, both heart opener poses. Some found them easy as they had tried them before but for many this was something new and will need a little practice.


Pak Garret led us to the mini field for a lively first PW session on Monday. We played running around, active games to help us stay fit and healthy. Then on Tuesday Pak Putu led us in our gross motor skills and coordination session where we balanced, hopped, crawled and bounced balls. There were squeals of excitement as we played our class favourite game of Wizard of Oz tag too and finished the lesson off with a bit of a dance where we all did some fabulous, funky moves.

Zero Mass Water

Phew, we have been so hot and in need of a drink this week what with our 2 PW lessons  so we decided to go on a hunt for the school’s new Zero Mass Water station and discover a little of what it is about.  We looked high and low before spotting it near the primary science lab in the Heart of School. Some of us knew you could use solar panels and the sun to make electricity, but none of us knew that you can also use solar panels to take water out of the air and actually drink it! It was very exciting and we had to play a game as to who would be the first to try it as everyone wanted to be the class pioneer and to taste it first. Apparently, it tastes just like ‘normal’ water.


Our weekly trio of small group activities saw some classifying animals in Let’s Think with Ibu Nicolene and Ibu Pipit. The second group learnt how to say ‘Saya suka….’ (I like …) in Bahasa Indonesia with Ibu Ria. The third group were thinking about words that rhyme with Ibu Jo. They made rhyming  Silly Soup and spotted words that have the same sound in a story.

We have an exciting project ahead of us as we are going to be joining up with TK Gopal, a local Kindergarten next to Green School. Together we are going to be making a garden in the shape of a pizza. Each slice or segment will grow a different vegetable or herb. Some of us have already started to plan what the garden will look like and think of ideas for the different things that we might grow!

We will continue these small-group activities next week so everyone gets a turn at everything.


Next Wednesday morning is our Halloween event!  Please remember to dress your child in costume if they want to or alternatively add a small prop or face paint so they can join in the fun if a full fancy dress is not what they would like to do. This year’s theme is water and any type of ocean creature could be a great starting point for a costume. We know that our Class Ambassadors have been busy behind the scenes arranging this event for us with you all.  The time has altered due to move in the assembly, so the children will start our Early Years Halloween Trick or Treat fun at 9.00am.  In preparation are going to be making our own goody bags so if any of you have empty cereal boxes or similar please can you bring them in on Monday for us to transform.  We hope to see so many of you there to join us for Trick or Treat and thank you in advance for all your hard work.

After rehearsing hard, the children were all amazing in Friday’s assembly opening the gathering beautifully with the ‘Living in Bali’ song. We hope that many of you were able to join us and  also enjoyed watching our journey over our Sense of Place thematic as we built our own village. Here is a link to the video for you to see it again or if you weren’t able to make it in person. Please can you be mindful and not post it on social media but keep it for your family use only.

Some key dates for your diaries:

Halloween – Wednesday 31st October

Dance week  – 12th – 16th November

Bamboopalooza –  Friday 16th November

School closed for a PD day – Monday 19th November

School closed  for Maulid Nabi, The Prophet Muhammad’s birthday – Tuesday 20th November

Full Moon Ceremony – Thursday 22nd November

Early Years Indonesian Assembly – Wednesday 5th December  at 9:00 AM.

Have a great weekend,

The Kindy Team

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