Kindergarten – Term 2 Week 2 – Celebration now come on! Doo doo doo yahoo!

The more you celebrate your life, the more there is in life to celebrate.     

Oprah Winfrey

What a week it had been. Following the celebration of Diwali last week, Imaan and his parents came to school on Tuesday all the way from India, fresh from enjoying not only the mid-term holiday but also from celebrating Diwali and Imaan’s birthday. Ibu Maya and Pak Tariq came to tell us more about Dawali and how they celebrated it themselves with their family. They wore beautiful new traditional Indian clothes called Sari and Kurta and told us about how they cleaned their house before the start of the Hindu New Year. We listened to Pak Tariq’s retelling of the Ramayan epic story which is the background of the Diwali celebration. They brought some melt-in-your-mouth  Diwali treats and gave each one of us a Diwali candle!

We sang happy birthday for Imaan and of course he became the Kindy Helper for the day 🙂

From one celebration to another. Halloween was looming around the corner and we couldn’t be more excited about it. We made some preparations to get our class ready but everyone’s priority always remained the same: to create the treat or trick bag! The children designed, cut, and sewed their own bag (we helped them with the safety pins). They also came up with an ideas of decorating the classroom. We decided to divide them into groups to follow their interests. They were eager to decorate the class with Jack O’Lanterns, bats, and a haunted castle!

Overnight the class transformed, covered with many different textures, colours, and sizes fabric to create a different ambience and a mysterious atmosphere for the children.  When they came they were surprised, and so were the teachers! Noone was as we remembered them – we were all not who we were! We had fairies, unicorns, witches, spiderman, a fox, a mummy, devils, Tinkerbell, Peter Pan, ninjas, a skeleton, a pirate, ghosts and some of the children had turned into Marvel superheroes! While their teachers turned into a witch,  Greek goddess, a cat, a spider, a unicorn,  and Medusa! (one that was friendly to children 😉 )

We went trick and treating, oh, what a delight! The parents had been super generous and kind. They provided the children with games and some just gave away treats. Little wonder that some of the children’s bag needed to be fixed as they were overloaded, heavy with so many yummy treats. Not including the ones already in their tummies! What a day..

Our PE teachers might have been a little surprised this week to see some of the kids were still wearing full or part of their halloween costumes to do the PE. Here are some pictures:

The children made compost out of the leaves collected from around Green Studies shed.

We love to use our cooking activities not only to introduce them with different food from all over the world or enhancing their culinary and motor skills, but we also used it as a form of celebrating the week and even literacy and Bahasa Indonesia. They had to count and clap the syllables in each of the ingredients in both Bahasa Indonesia and English and talk Robot to Roberta to let her know about the tasty food they would be sharing with her later in the day.  What did we cook this week? Jack O’ Lantern of course! Pumpkin soup to cool off our hot day. The garlic bread that we made was oh so good!

Eating the soup and the garlic bread with our loved ones, that’s how we ended our week. Before we say sayonara,  here are some key event dates that you may want to put on your agenda

Full Moon Ceremony: Tuesday November 12th

BambooPalooza: November 15th This is a community celebration largely run by parents.  It is focussed on our community and the nationalities we represent.

Dance Day (whole school): November 29th

Have a lovely weekend,

The Kindy Team

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