Kindergarten – Term 2 week 4 – All you need is love …. and berries.

This week has been a whirlwind of energy. The hot weather, full moon and mid term tiredness have combined into a spirited time for us in Kindergarten.  On the one hand this has blossomed into dynamic play and creative solutions to challenges which have been magical to see. The joy on faces, and the alliances built over a mud swimming pool and dam making has been wonderful to behold. On the other side, as our Kindy children have become settled and secure in their world here at Green School and with each other, then spirited and at times inconsiderate behaviour has also arisen.

As always we respond to the needs of our children and events and we swirled the focus of our week aptly, coinciding with ‘World Kindness Day’ on Wednesday, into a series of different sessions and activities throughout the week. Each activity whether it is the daily noticeboard asking about what is special about our friends or an open discussion about how actions make others feel is a part of developing and maintaining a positive culture for our Kindy community. They combine to foster kindness and support the growth of appropriate interactions, gentle hands and empathy.

We discussed what kindness looks like and then created plays and performed to the class.

In Yoga, Ibu Cherry explored poses and balances with partners and cooperative team work. 

Of course all the conversations, modelling, celebrating of an action, the wooshes of special sparkles and thoughts to our sick friends at home and the acts of love and generosity are not captured here.  We have celebrated co-creations and drawn subtle attention to play that we and the children have seen that have been inclusive, generous and caring. This has really highlighted for all of us how much fun you can have with all our Early Years friends and how our physical actions and verbal responses can alter how our friends feel.

Did you know you can give your friends a gift in a smile?

Ceremonies and blessings

We had a beautiful Full Moon Ceremony on Tuesday which not only helped us learn about respect for the Balinese culture but gave us an opportunity to think about others. The children made Kwangon for friends in our community to use in the ceremony and thought about who they would send love to as part of it. Ibu Ria shared with us what we should do at the temple and which flowers are for when and why. It was so beautiful that some parents were able to join us.

Our spiritual a journey did not not end with the Full Moon ceremony as Ibu Pera in Green Studies helped us to understand about the Balinese custom of saying thank you for the rice before we harvest and eat it. Together she led the children in a ceremony to the Goddess Dewi Sri who is the Goddess of Rice. After the ceremony we shared the offerings together, all enjoying the bounty in a feast on the bridge as a community. Next week we hope to harvest the rice together.

Proficiency Carousel.

This week has seen the launch of our Proficiency Carousel. Several times a week the children will rotate in small groups through targeted activities that are adapted to the children’s needs and stages of development and are a lot of fun!

  1. This week we jumped on our giant letters with number games and addition, sorted and named shapes and practised how to write digits in Maths.

  2. As part of Literacy we made play-dough letters, read books as a guided reading and played sound games. Our letters of the week are d (for dog) and m (for mud).

  3. We sang songs and completed action challenges in Bahasa Indonesia to help us remember the verbs lari, berdiri, berhanti, duduk, jalan and lompat.

  4. We have worked on fine motor skills and our dexterity by making rubber band chains and painting backdrops.

And we did this all in 7 minutes a go!

Here is what our phonics based literacy looked like for us this week.

Fruit tree fun!

Our Pohon Jamblang  (Java plum tree) has flourished this year. We have been watching the berries become darker and darker and this week they have been so tempting. Finally we could wait no longer and the raiding of the treasure began.  The Three Ari’s came to support the plundering. Pak Ari one of the carpenters, fashioned a tool to help reach the branches, Ibu Ari from the first aid station, held a pot for the children to gather the fruit and Ibu Ari from Geckos, helped reach the higher berries.  What team work!!! We had to share the spoils with so many friends which was a tricky thing to manage but we did it and of course we then checked to see if our tongues and teeth had changed colour if we ate a lot.

Cooking class

Klepon is a traditional treat originally from Java but now enjoyed all over South East Asia.  It is a one bite snack made out of sticky rice and rice flower with a hidden juicy, sugary surprise inside. Perfect for our Kindy class as everyone can enjoy this tasty, gluten-free ‘starburst’* of joy together. (*as coined by the children). We measured, kneaded, rolled the ingredients in groups, as well as practising our turn taking and Bahasa Indonesia.

Diary Dates:

Wednesday 27th November – Early Years Indonesian Assembly 9:00 am – Please check that you have seen our email about the costumes for your child.

Saturday 7th November – Saraswati Day

 11th-12th December– Lower School Learning Showcase

Wednesday 18th December – Potluck Breakfast 8:15-9:30 am

Thursday 19th December – Last day of Term 2 – early dismissal – time tbc

Please can we request that all toys and game cards stay at home. We want to encourage the children to play with things from nature and each other during our break times. Finally, thank you to those in our community that have already kindly shared some equipment for our mud kitchens – we have 2 you know. Please keep things coming in – our mud play needs you!

Rest well,

The Kindy Team


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