Kindergarten – Term 2 Week 6 – Mana Jalak Balinya?

Dear Parents,

Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn.

-Benjamin Franklin-

The biggest highlight of this week was our Indonesian assembly.

What a wonderful morning having all the Early Years community in our playground to celebrate our learning.

Teachers, children and staff worked altogether to showcase and celebrate our Bahasa Indonesia skills and Budaya Indonesian knowledge but the stars were of course the children. What a spectacular extravaganza we created together as friends! With giggling and laughing, Geckos, Starlings and Kindy performed beautiful stories interconnected with our learning from this semester.

The Early Years assembly was started with a beautiful tarian by our Kindy girls, they were proud Balinese dancers. The dance itself is called ‘Tari Pendet’ to welcome everybody into the show. The unique part of this dance is when all the dancers throw flowers to the audience.  Look at their excitement at learning something embedded in Balinese culture. Each had gentle movements with their beautiful bodies and eyes! The Kindy girls practised this dance with Ibu Par, the Geckos teacher who is also an amazing Balinese dancer.

In Kindy we went on a long beautiful journey to co-create our original play, turning the children’s interests into a magical performance. Painting, doing puppet shows, dancing, singing, acting all blended into one performance called, ‘Mana Jalak Balinya?’ or ‘Where is the Jalak Bali?’

The children brought you all around Bali, following the quest of some visitors who were looking for the elusive, blue and white, beautiful bird,the Bali Starling or Jalak Bali in their natural habitat. 

Being a narrator is a key and responsible role in the play!

Isa and Mira, you guys, rocked the show! You kept us all in track with a clear Indonesian and English pronunciation, thank you! Do you see their special traditional clothes of Bali?

Do you remember who is coming to visit Bali? Who guides them?

Welcome to Bali  Mosey and Arthus! Two tourists led by their able guide Dayitha who,  with her beautiful explanation about some amazing places in Bali. In one week from Senin to Minggu, they went to different locations and as they moved from one place to another they spotted various animals all native to our wonderful island. Each time the number of creatures grew and Arthus and  Mosey did a great job of spotting and counting all the animals.

Hari Senin, mereka pergi ke Sungai Ayung. Disana mereka melihat satu petani dan satu kerbau.

Hari Selasa, mereka pergi ke bukit Pinggan. Disana mereka melihat dua semut merah.

Hari Rabu, mereka pergi ke danau Beratan. Disana mereka melihat tiga nyamuk.

Hari Kamis, mereka pergi ke gunung Agung. Disana mereka melihat empat rusa.

Hari Jumat, mereka pergi ke sawah Tegalalang. Disana mereka melihat lima belut.

Oh nooo, we do not have any penyu (turtle) pictures!

(If you have one, please send it to us and we will update the picture here soon)

Hari Sabtu, mereka pergi ke pantai Amed. Disana mereka melihat enam penyu.

Hari Minggu, mereka pergi ke hutan Pemuteran. Disana akhirnya mereka menemukan delapan Jalak Bali yang sangat cantik.

The Early Years family.

There were so many people with cameras and phones if you have pictures or video you would be happy to share with other Kindy parents please feel free to upload them to this shared google folder:    🙂

Pak Ron, The Snake Man.

Another exciting part of the week was our Mystery Guest, Pak Ron. You might heard his name as he is a famous snake man and well loved here at Green School. We learnt about how snakes come from eggs and we even met a 2 week old baby hatchling whose egg was discovered right here at school.  It is very important for us to know what to do if we see a snake especially we are all here in the jungle.

Here are some tips if you see snakes around:

  1. do not panic!

  2. move backward slowly and do not run because you might fall.

  3. while you are moving, you shout “snake, ular (Indonesian word) and lipi (Balinese word)” so people would come to help you.

  4. NEVER touch a snake s some of them look harmless but might not be whilst others look dangerous and aren’t.

Pak Ron came with his beautiful friends, welcome to Kindy mates…. We got to touch the snakes if we wanted to and discovered how smooth and soft they are and not slimy at all.

It was such a pleasure to meet all of Pak Ron’s friends and we learnt that he feeds the big ones mice that he keeps in the freezer for a chilled snack whenever he needs one, how cool!

Important dates:

Saturday 7th November – Saraswati Day – ceremony in the morning at Green School

Wednesday 11th-Thursday 12th December– Lower School Learning Showcase

Monday 16th December – Kindergarten Field trip – watch out for our email coming soon for info!

Wednesday 18th December – Potluck Breakfast 8:15-9:30 am

Thursday 19th December – Last day of Term 2 – early dismissal – time tbc

Have a great weekend you all,

The Kindy Team


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