Kindergarten – Term 2 Week 9 – This is season to be jolly…lalalalala…lalalal

“Remember to celebrate milestones as you prepare for the road ahead.” – Nelson Mandela

This is the last week of our first semester, we truly are in the sense of awe and wonderment of how much our children have grown. You see, we had been busy for weeks sorting out different pictures to put in the individual calendars as our Christmas present for all of you. We looked and shared the pictures between us as we created them and expressed our delight to find ‘old’ pictures  of the children and truly saw their transformation. Those pictures made us celebrate the growth spurts of the children, walking down memory lane. In only 5 months so much has happened! Those pictures were evidence that they have been growing physically and mentally with accelerated speed. 

Here are some of the early photos that made us swoon:

Another celebration was the trip to the Bali Bird and Reptile parks on Monday. We concluded our thematic journey – Gifts from the Earth, by visiting some of the closest living descendants of dinosaurs. Some of the children had been there, nonetheless they were equally impressed as those who were visiting for the very first time. Here are some of the things that were their highlights of the visit (yes, we asked them):

*Ride on the biobus. 

We were in for a surprise when we saw that biobus team now also have a bio car but apparently for the children, whichever vehicle they were in it did not matter. They all enjoyed the ride with their friends or sleep!

*The sound of the park.

The children were in awe to hear the conversations between the birds from the moment they walked into the bird park. They wondered if that was the way dinosaurs communicated with each other?

*They got to hold the birds. Or was it the other way around?

*The 4D theatre. We shared the life journey of Riley the bird.

*The owl hotel.

The owls were placed in a special Torajan house. The inside of the beautiful, wooden house was converted into chambers for different kinds of owls

*They got to feed the birds. 

The birds enthusiastically jumped onto the children’s heads and shoulders looking for pieces of fruit.  We thought this definitely was the most memorable of all. However, the children were in instant love with the Green Forest chicken or as we renamed it the Rainbow chicken. It was multicoloured with iridescent feathers that sparkled in the sunlight. A close competitor for our favourite was the male, brilliant white Indian Peacocks with their fan-like tails the colour of snow.

*The snakes. 

Whether they were a long, King Cobra or a tiny baby boa constrictor, for many of us they were equally fascinating.

*The iguanas and the lizard.

One child thought that bumps on the iguanas head were rocks. Some were very surprised of how nonchalantly the park guides handled the big lizard – so brave!

*The tortoises.

The children got the chance to touch a small one and couldn’t get over of how strong it’s house was. They were in glee as the turtle kept on putting it’s head in and out it’s shell.

Oooh, they were massive! The kids thought that this probably the closest dinosaur look-alike in the park.

*Rangkong or hornbill. 

The park has 8 kinds of hornbill out of the 55 varieties that exist in the world. There are 9 species native here in Indonesia.

*The flamingos and pelicans. Need we say more?

On Tuesday our final week of fun continued. We were reunited with the amazing Mepantigan crew. Here are some muddy pictures:

How did we celebrate Christmas and Hanukkah? With lots of stars of course and reindeers and a puppet show and jingle bells and good cheer!

We celebrated Bimbim’s birthday on the last day of school. His mom brought a colourful cake for all of us to share. A sweet chocolatey way to end the day. Happy Birthday Bimbim! Selamat ulang tahun.

And so now it is the moment for everyone to have well earned family time. We will see most of you on Monday January 20th to do it all again!  We are saying goodbye and good luck to Chihiro who is off as a pioneer to join the first ever class at Green School New Zealand! We can’t wait to hear all about it and see the photos. 

Have a safe and enjoyable holidays, See you next year!

With Love and Gratitude,

The Kindy Team


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