Kindergarten – Term 3 Week 1 – Here we go again… Kindyship

Dear Parents,

Happy New Year to all of you. We hope you had a great vacation!

We are so happy to welcome four new friends to our home. They all come from different countries, here they are:

Max is from China

Wiktor is from Poland

Jasper is from The USA

Yuma is from Japan

It has been a fun week back to school after a long holiday. Everyone came with a big smile ready to play and learn and of course eager to share about our adventures on our break and about our home countries. Together we helped our new classmates learn where we eat snack and lunch, go to the toilet, about the playground. We also went on an adventure around the school with a map, checking if anything had changed especially the places where we visit our specialist teachers. We figured out that library is no longer on the second floor in the Heart of School but has moved right next door to us. It is opposite the chicken coop which means we are now neighbours.

We start a new thematic called ‘Planet Protectors’ all about our beautiful Mother Earth. We learnt she has so many names and that we knew alot about Gaia  already. When we realised we also had a lot of questions and things that made us wonder, we decided to write a letter and invite her as a mystery guess to our classroom.

Well, do you know what, she replied! Gaia sent a love mandela made with sea shells and we thought she would come soon. Each shell had a different message from Mother Earth for a different friend. If you wanted to know your message, you needed to take a deep breath in, and breath out, then listen quietly to the shell. Some messages made you laugh and some made you wonder. We decided to ready our classroom with treasures to make her feel at home when she arrived. Mother Earth sent a beautiful lady to our classroom with four different colours on her gown.  Those colours represented the four different elements that make up her world. Orange means fire (api), green means earth (tanah), blue means water (air) and white means the air (udara).  She told us that Mother Earth knew that we could explore our own curiosities and that we needed to search, discover and ask the right questions of those with knowledge as we learn. One thing that she also told us was that Gaia is so proud of all of  us who kindly take care of Mother Earth because we love her.

We wonder, wonder and wonder about Mother Earth

Message from Mother Earth

For her beautidul mandela, we would love to decorate more so we went on the nature hunt to find a unique things to add to it.

Here are some of the names we discovered that Mother Earth can be called:

Indonesian : Bumi or Ibu Pertiwi

Balinese : Gumi

Chinese :  地球 (Dìqiú)

Japanese : 地球 (Chikyū)

Polish : Ziemia

Hindi : पृथ्वी (prthvee)

Hebrew : כדור הארץ

Danish : Jorden

French: La Terre

German: Die Erde

We can’t wait to see where this thematic takes us over the coming weeks as we look a little deeper into each of the elements of Mother Earth.

Specialist time.

We had fun playing and discovering different things with different specialists. These are the days we meet our specialist and a reminder of their names.

Monday – Music class with Ibu Jamie and Pak Aris

Tuesday – Green Science class with Ibu Nicolene and Ibu Pera

Wednesday – PE class with Pak Garret and Pak Putu Joni

Thursday – PE – Movement with Ibu Amanda and Pak Edu

Friday – Library with Ibu Ayu Rosita and Pak Andi, Yoga – Ibu Cherry (aka Ibu Russlee)

Please always remember to pack shoes (every Tuesday and Wednesday) hat, water bottle and changing clothes every day and to pop last week’s librry book into the bag on Friday. Please know that our assembly time might change, please keep your eyes for Early Years and Primary assembly!

“Animals are the bridge between us and the beauty of all that is natural. They show us what’s missing in our lives, and how to love ourselves more completely and unconditionally. “

― Trisha McCagh

This week in Green Science class, we watched a puppet story about animals. We learnt how different creatures live in different ways. Some of them are fly, slither, walk, wiggle, crawl, hop and swim. We also learnt how they find food and take care of themself. After the story, we went on a hunt to find unique things in nature then we saved them in our own journals. Another fun thing was taking a large piece of white fabric, which we held  altogether, and observing grasshoppers jumping all over the fabric, they looked incredible!

Puppet story about animal’s lives

Nature Journal

Observing the grasshoppers

We stretched our bodies during PE, Movement class and Yoga session:

Gong Xi Fa Cai

Happy Chinese New Year

Friday was an amazing day when we celebrated Chinese New Year altogther as an Early Years community with all of our younger brothers and sisters at school. The real celebration is on Saturday so happy new year for those who celebrate this special day. It is the year of the rat so one of our stations was making and drawing rats with calligraphy and lucky ink characters with our Chinese family, Ibu Candy, Pak Kyle, Ibu Sarah, Ibu Zola, Pak Zhenyu and Pak Jack. They happily shared their culture and tradition with all of us, thank you.  We didn’t want to miss out on seeing a dragon as it is believed to bring a good luck so we watched a Dragon Dance performance with special Chinese music and movement for the new year. This dragon felt sad for he lost his scales and we were all happy to help him painting  new ones for him. We watched a puppet show about The Chinese story of the zodiac, you must have heard about the Jade Emporer’s race of the animals, if not as your child.  Chinese New Year is also about Hongbao or red enevelopes, this time we drew and wrote good wishes to put inside.


The story of the Chinese Zodiac animals

Dragon dancing

Red envelope wishes 

As well as guided time we have had a lot of freedom and the chance to decide on our own play, adventures and the chance to discover new toys and revist and kindle new frienships. Here is a snapshot:

Our Fun Week

We would love to continue having Mystery Guests in our class. Please let us know if you would like to volunteer. Our slot is Thursday 9 – 10 am  and you can send an email to or of course talk directly to us about your ideas and to set a date.

On Monday (January 27th) we will have a “Meet and Greet”  from 3:30-4:30pm. Please come to our classroom to reconnect with the teachers, to chat with other families and to meet and welcome families who are new to the school.  This will be a low-key, social event and it would be lovely to see lots of you there.

Have a great weekend,

The Kindy Team

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