Kindergarten – Term 3 week 3 – The Red Week.

Our Monday was a special one this week, sandwiched between holidays, in Bahasa Indonesia we playfully call it “Hari Kejepit Nasional”.  The day was full on with celebrating Chinese New Year – The year of the pig. We watched and talked about the traditions and background stories of this festive holiday, and  continued to decorate the lanterns we made with our special guests last week. We had them hung in our class for while before the children took theirs home to keep Nian away.

Our Specialists complete each day with new adventures. Here is what Pak Brett says about his classes Green Science and Music:

‘The Kindy students went to see the bamboo that many of them planted last term which will be transplanted to our bamboo forest as part of our Carbon Zero project in the coming week. We also planned the design for the new vine/shelter tepee we are going to put up in our Kindy garden space.  Along our walk the students looked at how our rainwater collection system works and also how the vortex can divert and also capture water from the river to make electricity’.

In Music we played a new rhythm game called “I can say my name, and I can keep the beat” where we go around the circle saying our name and the person’s name next to us while keeping rhythm with an egg shaker.  In addition to that the students are also practiced their singing and drumming and finished up with a game of musical statues/freeze dance. We will be learning new songs in the coming weeks so stay tuned!

In Gaia our thematic  we began collecting the children’s thinking about water. We asked them about the first things that popped in their mind when they hear the word “water” and  listened to their wonderings around water and noted the questions that were raised, capturing their answers on a board. 

We then took them in groups to check out water resources and catchment around the campus. So far we confirmed that we have ponds, a river, spring water, spring pools, subak and paddy fields, zero mass water, bio-water system, underground water and more. It was an exciting time to have a closer look into these areas. We noticed that the leaves and rocks also caught rainwater and questioned what happened to those small pools too. What’s next? We can’t wait to hear where the kids want to bring their wonderment with water!

Living or Non living – this is a trickier thing to sort than you first might think. We had a lot of debate about what went where as Ibu Nicolene had us sort the objects she had found. We even had to decide where Gilang would go! What helps us work out if something is living? She wasn’t sure. The class had a lot of ideas but the need for water and food were the main 2 one things that most people thought were important indicators to help us decide if something was living, not everything else was so clear and may need more investigating.

Child A: The living thing have mouth, nose and eyes.

Ibu Nicolene:  How about plants?

Child B: Plants have mouths in the ground.  

(Everyone is silent!)

Child B: Plants have mouths in the roots.  

Didn’t we tell you it is tricky!!!!!

We spotted a pumpkin in the garden ready to be picked last week  and we knew that we had to do something using it in our next cooking class.  In the mood of celebrating Chinese New Year we made Bakpao with pumpkin filling. The children prepared the bread dough from scratch, and discovered something new that day which was cool (with a weird smell):  “ragi” or yeast which they used to make the dough rise.  Our other ingredients were pumpkin – labu, palm sugar- gula merah , salt- garam, flour- tepung These simple ingredients made a great, yummy snack.

Yoga with Ibu Cherry and PW with Pak Garrett and Pak Putu was a fun way for children to  do a body and mind workout both individually and as part of the team.  Whilst in Drama, Ibu Marvelina gave us a different prop to bring to life thinking of how we move, sound and of course using our imaginations. These pictures will tell you all about our time together.

This a photo of Pak Garrett showed us which shoes are the right shoes for PW  and our special new gym floor. Can you guess which?

When learning our letters we are focusing on the sound each one makes, so instead of the capital name P (as in pee), our sound of the week has been /p/ for penguin, puppy, pony and purple pom-pom. I wonder how many things you can spot with /s/, /a/ and /p/ our 3 sounds we have focused on this term?  Of course we have been telling and listening to stories, acting out dramas, inventing imaginative story  lines, writing in our own way and enjoying books for ourselves too.

Next week on Thursday 14th the school is celebrating Vday, for us in Early Year this has the focus of friendship. We have already began to share our ideas of what friendship means to us and drawn pictures of our ideas of friendship and kindness that are going to be part of a whole school art instillation next week. We also pooled our thoughts to write a group poem.

Our Early Years, Potluck Breakfast is on Tuesday, Feb. 12th  from 8:15 – 9:30. Please can we ask that you bring something to share and that you label your dish if it contains nuts, dairy. chocolate or meat. We look forward to seeing everyone in this delicious social event.

One last date to note is that the school’s Ogoh-ogoh Parade will be on Tuesday March 5th. Look out for an email from us next week about this.

Happy Friday,

The Kindy Team

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