Kindergarten – Term 3 Week 5– Tree and us are the best of friends!

Dear Parents,

We love plants and trees! They are colourful, beautiful, give us the best shade, give us a hand to climb on, give us food, give us the best and worst smells,  shoosh away insects, provide us with medicine and much more! We are sure you can mention many more reasons to love them too. This week when we learnt about these mighty Protectors of the element ‘Udara’ or ‘Air’. We found out that we-humans and our pet-animals inhale oxygen and exhale carbon dioxide while trees inhale carbon dioxide and exhale oxygen! Who knew trees breathed too!

There is no room for doubt how important trees and plants are for our survival. 

Oh what a cycle we discovered this week. We tried to see if we could spot the oxygen that the leaves made when they take in our carbon dioxide, and combine this with water which they suck up from their roots, energy from the sun and the green chlorophyll in their leaves using a system called photosynthesis. It gives the plants energy to grow and releases oxygen which we need to live. Some of us spotted the tiny bubbles of oxygen on leaves under water but lots of us missed it, we will have to try it again next week we think.

Our Mystery Guest Arthur Venturella came all the way from Brazil to work with many people in Bali who want to learn about syntropic farming. He came to our classroom on Monday to tell us about how trees communicate with each other with the help of their underground root system and their fungi friends and that they form a community. Just like us! We were so fascinated and here is the link to the insightful documentary that he showed us so you too can watch it at home .

We enacted the video, the children became the trees and guess what Ibu Jo was, she was a mother tree. Apparently there are mother trees in nature that help and nourish the younger trees and plants around it to help them grow stronger. Our Mystery Guest was really impressed with the play. We then went to the garden where Arthur or Pak Tutu as he likes to be called, showed us where he did syntropic planting in the school area. He turned over some rocks and logs and all of us saw how many species that live underneath them. The children also guessed which one is the mother tree around the area and spotted some of the different plants that are growing together to make a diverse plant community. We learnt some of their names and how they will grow to support each other.

Knowing a little more about the importance of the trees surely we should be making friends with more of them? That exactly what we did. We went on a short trip to Subak Mertha Sari. Wow, we were fascinated when Pak Jero mentioned that he had more than one hundred different kinds of trees on that piece of land. We were welcomed graciously by Pak Jero who gave each one of us the fragrant bunga cempaka – (Magnolia champaca syn. Michelia champaca). Then one by one we went to the prayer room to ask for blessing to our bunga matahari -(Helianthus annuus L.)  with the help of Father Sun and Mother Earth, may they grow healthy and tall.  Earlier in the week we had made compost balls with our little stripy seeds nestled inside, ready to plant out to add to Pak Jero’s diverse new forest.  We carefully placed them in between papaya tree seedlings, sprouting moringa sticks and other shoots already poking up their heads into the light.

In one of our mindfulness sessions this week we tried to use our senses to feel and capture something that exists but we can’t see. No, it was not a ghost 🙂   We wanted to catch the air! What does it look like? Where does it come from, Where did it go? Ibu Ria asked the children if they feel the breeze, what sensation did they feel when they fanned or blew their skin? The children were also asked to inhale and exhale deeply and carefully. Ibu Pegi brought with her a bowl of water filled with flowers. She asked the children to blow on the bowl that made the water and the flowers stirred and moved to one side. What was causing it? What patterns were made by the movement of the air?

This week is the last week of our thematic Planet Protectors’. We have learnt so much about worms, coral reefs, the sun and trees as amazing protectors of our blue planet. But what the children learnt the most is that they are never too small, nor is it too soon, to love and take care of the Earth we all share.

We know each one of our children has already become a Protector of the Earth. Ask your child what are the things they have done so far that help her? They will come up with a variety of answers but this week they took it up a notch by joining the school’s clean up in our village area of Sibang Kaja. We decided to spread the clean up area and so did our trash walk in in Desa Sibang Gede where Subak Taman Sari was. The children collected so many food and candy wrappers! Hmm… We had 4 big, plastic sacks – Kampil in Balinese – Karung in Indonesian, and we brought them back to Kembali at school, adding our rubbish to the other piles ready for the Middle and High School students to sort later in the day.

We only had a short week as the Balinese were celebrating Galungan for two days. We went to spot our penjor that we made last Friday on the field. DId you see it

In our short week we still saw some of our specialists. Ibu Cherry mentioned that the children practised their yoga with so much focus this week with all the movements and a yoga wave.  It made her really proud of them and she granted their request to do some extra games and especially the latest favourite ‘Going on a Dragon Hunt’.

In Music the children played not one but two instruments: a Moon drum full of wonderful, gentle music and the huge Marimba and their powerful notes. Look at these happy faces.

In Green Studies we went to visit our Grasshopper Valley again. Never a dull moment as we search for bouncy friends but what made our day was we saw a chameleon had laid eggs on the ground by the path next to the Green Studies shed. We were all in awe to see this wonderful sight before our eyes. Two elongated eggs and one chameleon mama or was it the daddy? We couldn’t really tell, watching for the eggs, anxiously looking at us. The children tried hard to contain their excitement and only talked in hushed hushed tones as they watched the chameleon changing colours in front of them. Bright green to a darker green and then to the darkest green. It was wow,  a rare moment that we all got so lucky to witness. We wonder if they are still there now?

We have bad news and good news delivered to our Kindy kids a few weeks ago. We no longer have a Kindy Helper. Aih, what a disappointment!!!!!  But wait … the good news was …… we have a Kindy Patih. Patih is equivalent to a country’s Prime Minister. Long time ago in Indonesia, Patih was the name for the King’s right hand. Our Kindy Patih has increased responsibility during their day and now is a person to turn to if you have a problem, will lead the tidying up and help with toothbrush time. We have had 11 Kindy Patih’s so far and they have all done a fabulous job!

We are so looking forward to have them back on Monday. Have a lovely  weekend everyone,

Kindy Team.

Diary Dates

Wednesday 26th February – Early Years Potluck Breakfast in Kindy from 8:15-9:30 AM. We hope to see as many of you as can make it and please bring something to share! 

Monday 2nd March – Friday 6th March – Dance Week 

Friday 6th March – Whole School Assembly

Friday 13th March –  Parent Teacher Conference

Friday 20th March – Ogoh Ogoh Day – Assembly and Parade

Monday 23rd March – Friday 3rd April – Mid-Semester Break

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