Kindergarten – Term 3 Week 7 – Hands on the fire!

Dear Parents,

What a shaky and wiggly week for a Dance week!

It was Dance week, keep moving! Move freely like no one is watching!


Our flame design for our t-shirts are finally done! Sewing really needed focus and concentration but it paid off. Look at each colour  and flicker of the flames now! We are waiting for all the t-shirts to come in to dye and then we will sew the flame onto them, so if you have not brought one yet, please remember to pass it along on Monday!

“Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success.”

-Henry Ford-

After the thinking process of designing the Ogoh-ogoh finished, now we face a big challenge to turn the design into a 3D shape.  We combined two designs from our final vote which are a volcano wolf and a fire fox to showcase fire theme. The volcano wolf was built on both sides so is the fire fox so we can see them from all in different angles. Voting was hard when we all chose only one, it was a big feeling for big kids to accept the dominant voice but we did it. During the process of Ogoh-ogoh making, we are using recycled and natural materials that come from nature around us. We went on nature walk around the campus to collect leaves and sticks and surprisingly we found wonderful thing. We discovered we could create various shapes out of leaves, a green insect with long legs, mahkota dewa (crown of god) which is a medicinal fruit which helps diabetics control their blood sugar level and posed at the best photo shoot place ever!

Some other materials that we got were bamboo, chicken coops and wood to create the frame of the Ogoh-ogoh.  This was a real challenge, how could we turn all of the supplies into a fire fox volcano wolf? The important key of making a giant doll is a strong frame for the body so we arranged the coops altogether in different layers, tying them with wire then we learnt to twist them. Look at how strong our fingers are as we cut the wire using tang (pliers) and the twisting was a hard work but we tried. It does not look like a fire fox volcano wolf yet hhhhmm what should we do?

Wire cutting process with pliers

Tying the Ogoh-ogoh with wire

It was a really fascinating watching our friends from the carpenter team who came and helped to cut the chicken coop with pliers, thank you. Look at their tools!

Here is the first look of the Ogoh-ogoh

The next step was weaving the bamboo slices all around the frame. It went under, over, under, over and under and over. What a skill that we just practised! The trick was never miss a part or it would not stay together.  It was absolute fun seeing the Ogoh-ogoh slowly and surely take form! At the same time, we painted the bamboo slices and the leaves to make lava fire shooting from the volcano. You must know what colours we used!

Weaving time!

Painting the bamboo and leaves for the fire and lava shooting out from the volcano.

The third step and the best part of all was sticking the recycled paper using homemade glue. We never knew we could make glue out of flour. Did you know that? We made our own glue by mixing water and tapioca flour then boiled them together. Slimy, warm, edible glue for our Ogoh-ogoh. One of our Japanese friends mentioned that he likes to eat this kind of edible glue, and he is right, tapioca can be used in all sorts of cooking around the world. Delicious! The slimy texture of the glue was a bit funny at first but also rather lovely. Our hands quickly  got covered in the warm, sticky slime and the unusual texture did not stop us sticking the papers onto the Ogoh-ogoh and to have fun to slide on as the glue was everywhere on the floor. Yup, we made a big mess and at the same time we learnt to be responsible with it, we cleaned, cleaned, cleaned, wiped, wiped. This responsible work really touched all the teachers’ hearts and gave us a feeling that almost made us cry!

Super, slimy, edible, homemade glue

Sticking recycled papers onto the Ogoh-ogoh

Cleaning up the glue slide

We are working hard as a team on this and will continue to do so right up to the parade which is on March 20th. Thank you for your kind heart offerings to help in this process, we can’t wait to collaborate with you Mums and Dads!

Mystery Guest, Pak Thabo

This week, we had a special time with Pak Thabo, the Deputy of Primary School in Green Science and  in our PE sessions, have you seen him before?  He showed us lots of wonderful things this week as a mystery guest in both classes. Tracing the leaves to observe their patterns (we just noticed that all leaves have their own unique pattern), went on a nature hunt to see the beautiful creatures’ that live around us and was being the sweat team in the gym, wow could not say thankful enough to this wonderful guy! Wish we could have you as our mystery guest more often in Kindy!

Listening to a story of nature!

Let’s observe further!

They are so beautiful

Keep tracing the leaves and see what happen!

Wow, never know that the pattern on leaves is pretty unique.

PE class with Pak Thabo


This week carousel we practised the vowels we focused on last week /a/ /i/ /u/ /e/ /o/. Listen to a word, for example sit what vowel can you hear in the middle of that word? We also were introduced to some sight words that you can’t use phonics sounds for, you just have to learn them! We took mental pictures with our mind cameras to help us remember what these tricky, camera words look like. I, the, was, are, and to

Vowels game

We also played number games in Maths, can you count the objects and write the numbers down?

We listened to a story from Indonesia called Keong Emas (golden snail) and we were on a mission to save this little creature. Look carefully and you might see Keong Emas in your garden as we did at school. In a small group, we drew and shared the interesting parts from the story. We also learned a new song in Bahasa Indonesia with the same theme as last week (parts of our body) called Dua Mata Saya (My two eyes). Here is the link if you want to sing it at home .

We practised our fine motor skills and creativity in a painting session. It was also our first time playing a traditional Indonesian game where we flicked 4 pebbles, using only two fingers, to hit each other to get points.

Create your own creativity!

Look at the target and flick them!


In cooking class, we made a special drink from Indonesia called Es Cendol, are you familiar with this name?

It is an iced sweet dessert that has droplets of green rice flour jelly, another slimy texture after the tapioca glue. It is a mix of rice flour and little bit of tapioca flour. We used natural, green food colouring by using suji leaves that grow around the campus. We blended the suji leaves then squeezed them to get the green.  After that, we mixed all the ingredients, cooked them in a pan, stirring until it all blended together. When it was ready, we used a utensil with small holes like a frying spatula with holes, then  pressed the dough through the holes. Do not forget to put a big bowl with hot water underneath to keep the droplets separate from each other. Taa daa! Our cendol is done. This cendol works best with coconut milk (which we also freshly made), ice and brown sugar.  Lastly, the most important part is never forget to enjoy the drink with friends!

Washing the suji and pandan leaves then we blended them.

Time to mix the dough!

Yes, squeeze the grated coconut!

Cutting the brown sugar

Press the dough through the holes!


Dance time for yoga class too. This week we had another mystery guest named Ibu Charlotte or was it Ibu Chocolate? Have you ever danced like a cat? This is how it looks like:

Here are some important dates:

Monday 9th March – Full Moon Ceremony – please can you come to school wearing ceremony clothes clothes to change into in your bag.

Friday 13th March –  Parent Teacher Conference – this is not a normal school day for the children. Watch out for your appointment confirmation time email next week.

Friday 20th March – Ogoh Ogoh Day – Assembly and Parade

Monday 23rd March – Friday 3rd April – Mid-Semester Break

Have a great weekend before the Full Moon Ceremony, please come in ceremony clothes on Monday and with any white t-shirts that need still to come in!

The Kindy team

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