Kindergarten – Term 3 Week 8 – Together we can do it!

Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much. 

– Helen Keller –

We started this week by participating in a Full Moon ceremony. As always, we happily helped make kwangen (cone shaped offerings made out of a banana leaf filled with flowers and shredded pandan leaves) before heading to the temple near the Heart of School. It was a beautiful moment as Kindergarten held their own class ceremony. Thank you for those of you who also joined us.

We went straight form the ceremony to our weekly Music class with Ibu Jamie and Pak Aris. There we had a chance to play the ukulele and it was not so easy to play a song on but it was a great experience to give it a try.

As our thematic ‘The Storm Before the Calm’ is building up to Nyepi we were excited to get our Ogoh Ogoh, and our costumes, progressing nicely. We thank all of you who came to our classroom and helped participate in preparing what we need for Ogoh Ogoh parade. It was a great collaboration!

Together we helped each other to create a cool headband for each of us by sewing and tying them using rubber bands.

For creating the lava for our fire fox, we painted wooden strips and leaves red. Then, we attached the leaves to make bursts of molten rocks to appear from our volcano.

After completing weaving our foxes and volcano wolves, we carefully covered the Ogoh Ogoh using the paper from the old magazines. It was really tricky because the homemade glue we used was slimy and sticky and our feet could not stop dancing on the wet sticky floor. It was messy, but it was super fun!

Then, the next step was to cover the papermache layers with mud glue. It was another fun and messy one!

Take a look at how our Ogoh Ogoh has developed over time, from step to step!

It is going to be truly magnificent when it is fully complete!

For our t-shirts we had a discussion on how to make add our Kindy flare and fire to our t-shirts.  We already knew that we were going to turn dragon fruit into ink but how to use it….? We shared ideas and Poppy had the thought that we could use some banana leaves that we had collected the day before on a nature walk, to make stamps out of the stems.  Everyone loved that plan and luckily Ibu Pipit had a craft knife to help us do it. Using these 2 materials from nature we transformed our old white t-shirts in to some rather special creations.

For adding fire patterns onto our t-shirts, first we cut the banana leaves into a shape which is enough size for us to hold as the stamp.

Then, we chopped and blended the dragon fruit so we could use the juice as a dye.

Next, it was time for stamping on our t-shirts. We could also use our hands!

Finally, to get them dry, we hung them outside in the playground.

As well as all the thematic fun, Mother Nature has been calling us to come to check on the beautiful creatures around ad about. So we jumped on the ground to let them know we were coming and using a cankul, dug in to find what we could find.  We scooped creatures out of the mudpit and subak, and searched under leaves and in bushes too. Regardless of what we discovered, we had so much fun!

We ended the week by meeting so many amazing parents at our Parent Teacher Conferences. Thank you for coming to our classroom and letting us share together how the children are blossoming.

Important things:

  1. Monday, March 16th – This is a normal school day. 

  2. Temporary campus closure starting on Tuesday, March 17th due to COVID-19.  Please check your emails for the information about our transition to Distance Learning.

  3. We hope to re-open on Monday 6th April.  GSEC will write to you no later that April 4th  to confirm this plan or advise of a continuation of Distance Learning.

  4. Join our Book Week activities from April 20 – April 24 to celebrate World Book Day and spreading the joy of reading. Please contact Ibu Ayu Rosita if you would like to be involved as a reader or storyteller.

We hope that you all are having a lovely weekend!

The Kindy Team

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