Kindergarten- Term 4 week 2 – From idea to creation: the power of change in our own hands.

We do not inherit the earth from our ancestors, we borrow it from our children.

Native American Proverb

Monday 22nd April was Earth Day and we were completely blown away that Mother Earth took time on her special day to send us a message and give us a gift to help celebrate together with her. 

The humble sweet potatoes were fair-shared not only by us but also with Mother Earth. The ends we have placed to shoot and grow so we can replant to continue the cycle of from seed to table and then back again. The rest we tuned into a tasty birthday treat to share together.

For more details wait for our Kindy book which will be on sale soon, complete with our recipe and thank you Mother Earth letters.

‘Be the Change’    

When you walk into the Kindy at Green School it’s easy to understand why the Early Years approach considers the school environment to be the “third teacher.” Much attention is paid to the look and feel of the classroom. The objective is to create a pleasant atmosphere, where children, families and teachers feel understood and at ease. The environment is seen as a significant element of the education and a reflection of the school’s culture over time. The focus on the environment represents the value placed on aesthetics, organisation, thoughtfulness, provocation, communication and interaction.

This week Kindy embarked on a journey by re-imagining a world beyond possibility. They experimented with natural design materials and soon started to create buildings beyond comprehension. They have started a design revolution! Structures that cannot even be imagined emerged from their imaginations with no limitations to create whatever the heart desires.

Various visits were made to Kembali and the garden around Kindy to expand on their ideas and creations. Children were able to discuss what they were making by connecting their understanding to the world around them. Some of the comments were “look by building has a spine like my back” and observational language such as “my building reminds me of the heart of school, it has the same oval shape”. One of the most profound observations as teachers were the natural collaboration and negotiation skills Kindy children were implementing. Clear concise and constructive conversations with problem solving in mind dominated each construction session. It is also exciting to point out that children intrinsically motivated and emotional committed to work on these projects without adult motivation.

Maker spaces benefit children by allowing them to:

  1. Be responsible for their own self-directed learning. Maker spaces allow students to explore topics that are of interest to them.

  2. Get creative. In the modern era, the ability to solve problems in an innovative way is critical to success. Maker spaces teach students to think creatively.

  3. Explore new ideas in a safe space. Because of the nature of the maker space environment, students can feel more comfortable asking questions they may not have asked in the classroom. This exposes them to new ideas and ways to think.

  4. Learn how to fail and try again. Because of the focus on trial and error, maker spaces are an excellent place for students to test a hypothesis. If it doesn’t work, they have the freedom to question why and try again.

  5. Learn how to focus. Excessive sitting is proven to reduce attention in schools. Maker spaces allow students to focus on an idea or problem.

  6. Express themselves and collaborate. Expression and collaboration are critical skills to have in business. Maker spaces are an excellent way for students to learn how to share their ideas and get feedback.

Read more about maker spaces at

Allowing the Kindy learning space to transform into a maker  space is a true gift we are offering our children. In Kindy authentic co creation of learning is directed in conjunction with the Kindy kids, allowing them choice, voice and agency. Yes we have change makers changing and adapting education with their own hand and thoughts.

Here are some key diary dates coming up:

Wed 1st May  – No school – Labour Day 

Thurs 2nd – Sat 4th May – Sustainable Solutions

Friday 3rd May – Kindergarten Trip to I Made Chakra’s Permaculture House  – Please can you let us know if your child is able to come by responding to our email from Thursday 25th April.  Thank you to everyone who has already done so.

Fri 10th May – Battle of the Bands

Sat 11th May – Saraswati Ceremony

Wed 22nd May – Early Years Indonesian Assembly at 9 am in our playground.

Tues 18th June – Kindy Graduation 

Have a great weekend everyone,

The Kindy Team


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