Kindergarten – Term 4 week 7 – Exploration within, without and around and about.

“We live in a wonderful world that is full of beauty, charm and adventure. There is no end to the adventures that we can have if only we seek them with our eyes open.”         Jawaharlal Nehru

Opening our perception of the Green School Site and seeing it with new eyes was what happened on Monday as part of the Stepping up to Grade 1 morning. The children, in combination with their Grade 1 Teman Teman buddies, were given a new level of freedom to see and explore our school with fresh eyes. Instead of being taken about by teachers they went on a treasure hunt of sorts to discover the  primary school and beyond school independently. They followed clues which took them to the music room or science lab which are to be new learning spaces as well as places they already familiar with like the gym, the Primary art room and the Sangkep. The high point of the morning of course was lunchtime when the Kindy Kids were each given their cashless card and got to choose and pay for their food themselves. They then played on the moving parts and tyres play area and were full of the joys of the promises that next year holds for them.

As the weather turns drier we have become increasingly aware of how we use water at school and considering where does our water come from.  Our water play is so much fun but we are thinking about how we need to be mindful of water and think about how we can still get wet and use water in our mud play without the hose running all of break. On Wednesday, we went with Ibu Nyoman to actually discover how our drinking water comes to us.  We already knew where the water bottles are filled from but were amazed to discover how long it takes to fill one of the big bottles.  Some of us thought that we would help Ibu Nyoman and discovered how heavy the bottle actually was. That Ibu Nyoman then had to carry this on her head made us see her in a new light and also gave a new seed of understanding about the drinking water around school and that all of it had to be carried there by someone each day.

This week we gained a whole new perceptive on our dull old heap of tyres in our playground. From nowhere, it was seen in a new light and became the place to be in our Kindy world. From a merely a place to sit and climb it turned into a adventure waiting to be had. It was dug up, excavated, traps laid, plants rehoused, tyres removed and replaced as so many projects and inquires were inspired by it.

Our nature walk and soil hunt turned into a stream dredging operation as we looked for nutrient rich earth to use for replanting.  We got a bit sidetracked by the toad slime and frogspawn however and operations came to a halt in our attempt to save and marvel at the beautiful things playing and hidden in the stream.

Our week was made complete on Friday afternoon when our Mystery Guest came to us with a dilemma and we found a fabulous solution! Ibu Tania aka Nirvana’s Mum had brought 2 stories for us to listen to and some popcorn ingredients but didn’t know how we were going to manage to make the 2 work together. We quickly solved the problem by drawing on our experience of making kwangan for our full moon ceremonies and whisked up so banana leaf cones to hold the delicious snack treat whilst we listened and munched…..happy Friday everybody!


Weds 5th June – NO SCHOOL – Idul Fitri

Tues 4th or Thursday 6th NO SCHOOL  – Idul  Fitri – NOTE:  Please don’t forget to keep an eye out for notifications about next week’s schedule, as the government will decide this weekend which days will be taken for holiday.

Tues 18th June – Kindy Graduation 9am

Fri 21st June – Last day of School / Assembly

Have a great weekend,

The Kindy Team


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