Kindergarten – Term 4 week 8 – Continually growing

This week may have been short but we have still found time for some new experiences.  Pak Aris came with Pak Brett to class this week to teach us how to hold and play the bamboo instrument called the Anklung.  The Anklung originated in West Java. Although a seemingly simple instrument to play, playing as part of an orchestra requires cooperation and coordination and promotes the values of teamwork, mutual respect and social harmony.

On a trip to get manure based compost to mix with our garden leaf based compost and soil to use in our hanging planters that we have been making, we took the time to visit the cows. One cow was really curious and eager for food and a few confident friends got to give her a little stroke. We offered the other cow some tasty leaves too but saw how she was calm but wary and cautious of us getting too close to her calf. Ibu Nicolene shared information about her behaviour and how to read the signs and we gave her and her baby some space with increased understanding of how she was feeling.

Coming up we have our Kindergarten Graduation and we ask that the children all come to school in ceremony clothes for this on Tuesday 18th June at 8.45am. They should have an outfit to change into for afterwards.  If you do not have ceremony clothes for your child then please can you let us know so we can assist you with this.  The Graduation itself will start at 9am.

We also want to let you know that on the afternoon of Wednesday 19th June we will be going in the mud pit.   You are welcome to come and join us. Going in the mud together is something of a special experience and should be a wonderful way to celebrate our Kindergarten community.   If you are free to join us, please do. Don’t forget to pack an extra change of clothes and a towel for yourselves, as well as the children, and be prepared that all that you wear in the mud may never be quite the same again as the fine brown clay can be hard to get completely out.  Swimming goggles to avoid splashes are an optional extra 🙂 If you want to join us in the mud, please meet us down by the sawah (rice paddy) near the water temple by the bridge at 13.45, we hope to see lots of you in the water!

Key Kindy Diary Dates – check out the main calendar and blog alerts for all the timings of Footprints, Quest and Green Stone this week and next.

Tues 18th June – Kindy Graduation 9am

Wed 19th  June – Mud pit fun – 1.45pm

Fri 21st June – Last day of School / Assembly

All the best,

Team Kindy

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