Kindergarten – Term 4 week 9 – Terimakasih semua!

Thank you all for our beautiful gratitude cards, cakes, hugs and kind words. I think we all felt overwhelmed and were in turn grateful for the love and support from you all and the children, as well as full with all the delicious treat shared at the breakfast. Terimakasih semua!

As we are sure you are aware by now, Ibu Pegi has had her new baby boy. Ibu Pipit took her your gratitude gifts and messages to the hospital and got an early peek at her beautiful baby.

The week has been a busy one full of preparation for our graduation, with lots of making, singing, dancing and staging decisions and practise.  As well as preparing to make this event special in itself, the process of moving towards graduation and the discussions around it plays an important part of preparing the children for their move beyond Early Years and their transition into Primary or new adventures outside Green School.  We aim to give opportunities to allow the children to process, question and get excited by the up coming transition, empowering them to help them manage the changes to come.

We were wowed on Tuesday when we went to visit the Grade 5 Footprints projects. The children visited many of the different projects and were wowed by the variety of ideas and how they explained what they had been working on. Several of the Footprints had a direct link to Early Years and afterwards we were taught how to play mini hockey, given a mini playground, a Jungle Library book exchange box and a boat as gifts. 

After all our visits with Grade 1 it was our turn to be the hosts this week when the Starlings came to visit.  We taught them a dance and they sang for us and we were their buddies as we showed them about our room and learning space. helping them understand where their new home will be next year.

As well as all the preparations for our ‘Time to Fly’ from Kindy,  we also managed to squeeze in all our specialist classes. We pushed our bodies and self control as we performed animal poses in Yoga, played team games in PW and made leaf pictures as part of our Green Studies lessons as we avoided the rain. We also made plenty of time for our own self-directed play and learning. 

Kindy are not taking part in the Full moon ceremony on Monday 17th June so no need to wear ceremony clothes to school

For the  Kindergarten Graduation and we ask that the children all come to school in  Balinese ceremony clothes for this on Tuesday 18th June at 8.45am. They should have an outfit to change into for afterwards.  The Graduation itself will start at 9am.

We hope to see you on the afternoon of Wednesday 19th June and that you will be joining your children in the mud. If you are able to come along and take part in the mud action, please meet us down by the sawah (rice paddy) near the water temple by the bridge at 13.45.

Fri 21st June is the last day of School. There will be an assembly at 11.00 and dismissal will be after that from the Sangkep.

Please check out the main calendar and blog alerts for all the timings of Green Stone and the different Graduation events.

Have a lovely weekend,

Team Kindy


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