Kindergarten – Term1 Week 6 – Seeds are no small things.

Why try to explain miracles to your kids when you can just have them plant a garden.” — Robert Brault.

Oh wow what a way to start a week. The quote by Robert Brault resonates really well when our children, on  Monday morning  they saw that the tiny weeny bird seeds that we planted last week on our Bali topographical map on the tikar mat had started to grow into itsy bitsy baby grass! Yes, not into birds but it is a miracle indeed. We  watched the children get excited and perplexed by it. What a sight to behold. They observed them grow each day,. One morning after the rain we saw an army of ants have invaded our island! We wanted them to move on without taking all of our seeds and without hurting the ants. What should we do? We had the answer! We cracked eggshells and poured it over the outline of the island and it works! Egg shells are a natural ant repellant, can you find out why? We are now waiting until that mat is full of overgrown grass that will form our wonderful Bali island, already we all saw that the greens are getting taller and greener.

What’s next? We made a survey with the children about where we  all live in Bali. We found out that most of our students live in Ubud and most of the teachers live in Sibang!  We thought again about the difference between where we live now and where we came from. We found our home counrtries by looking in an atlas and also looked at what our national flags are. We drew our own home country flags, and firmly planted them into our garden map to link our home countries and host country together.

Meanwhile we kept busy by working on our next miracle project with the help of our special guest Pak Wayan Bona. He is Green School’s Garden Supervisor and has had years of experience planting and harvesting miracles in our green school soil. A perfect person to go to, to start building our Bali garden. With his guidance the children prepared the garden bed by doing these following steps:

  1. Clear up the landscape

  2. Draw a Bali island outline, Ibu Ria did it, she made a perfect shape!

  3. Get some pebbles and put it on top of the outline

  4. Get the compost

  5. Mix the compost with the ground soil

  6. Put more compost on the next day

  7. Throw in some worms

  8. Cover the soil with hay to keep the moisture in

Look at these hardworking, buzzing bees

As we wait for the bed to be ready as we have to leave the compost for a week before we can plant in our new  Bali Bed, we made some preparation of what to growin it. The children made choices, they wanted to have carrot (wortel) tomatoes (tomat), bok choy (sawi), peppers (paprika), cauliflower (kembang kol) , beans (kacang) and sweetcorn (jagun manis). So Ibu Pandan went to garden shop to get all of these seeds.  So, now we had the seeds ready, what next?. Ibu Jo sent an email to our kitchen and asked them to save their eggshells for us. They did and so did the Green Warang and the Kul Kul Farm shop. We had many eggshells that we can turn into seeds germination container.

We also used milk cartons from Kembali to grow our seeds. We cut holes in the corners to add drainage so the seeds don’t get flooded when we water them. The children made many trips to go to the compost startion. The most interesting part was when they found grubs or gigantic larvae inside the compost. It is quite a treasure when you found one because then they could give it to the chickens. The children witnessed how happy the chickens were when they fed them with larvae that they were on the hunt to find more to feed the eager hens.  Other things that they found were huge and tiny worms. These creatures divided the children, some were ecstastic, others not so much, we have few that can’t bear to look at them.

The next thing that they had to do was to fill the container swith soil. For the eggshells, Pak Bona asked the children to put  compost made by worm castings, and we used animal dung compost mixed with mud and soil in carton milks. The children had so much fun  getting everything that we  had to send email to some parents to bring fresh shoes/sandals!

Then we filled them in with seeds and love! So far, we had 3 different plants ready to grow into seedlings to be planted in our Bali bed garden. Oh! We also made bean balls! The beans were placed inside ball of soil mixture with compost. No container needed.

This week, we had a fire drill practise. The children were told that this is just training session. Upon hearing the alarm sound, they quietly put their shoes on and walked steadilyto our assembly point in the gym. There they met with other students and we all sat quietly waiting for the next instruction. The practise went smoothly. Back to the class the children continued on their music lesson with Pak Aris and Ibu Jamie.

Green Studies this week, they found a rotten piece of wood and put it inside a terrarium. It made them wonder what will happen next. What do you think they’ll find next week?

Ibu Vanessa, Sonny’s mom, came to our class to be our Mystery Guest. Ibu Nessy, as we called her, showed us how to make challah, a  Jewish bread that she and her family make every Friday as weekly tradition.

She came with the dough ready and beautifully risen. The reason being it was going to take 2 hours for the yeast to do its job. We didn’t have that much time to wait for it to rise, so Ibu Nessy had it ready for all of us. The children started by deflating the dough. They had to pummel it down to squash out the air, what a fun thing to do! Next, they made 3 snakes and braided them or as Ibu Jo called it, plait them,  just like what you do with long hair. After braiding, they cracked 2 eggs and painted the dough with it to give it a nice colour when it cooked. We let the dough rise for a little bit more  then it was ready to bake. Into the oven it went for less than 20 minutes. The children were ‘oohh – aahhing’ over the fragrant smell and the shape of it. They loved it. Before eating, Ibu Nessy shared with the children what her family do at home. They sing a beautiful song before sharing the bread and light candles as part of their Jewish ceremony. What a beautiful tradition we were able to share with them. We all enjoyed it very much, eating it when it is still warm is so good!  enjoying it together with family and friends just like we did? even better..

You too can recreate this bread at home with with your child, dear parents as  Ibu Nessy also shared the challah recipe with us. Here are the ingredients to make the dough : 1 kg of flour, 2 eggs, 2 tbs of yeast, 2 cup of water, 1 tbs of salt, 1/2 cup of oil, 1/2 cup of sugar,

Lastly, lets circle these dates on your calendar

Dates for your diary

World Bamboo Day: Wednesday 18th September

  1. Monday, September 23 from 9:15-10:00 AM will be an Early Years information session for parents in the Pre-K Starlings Merah classroom.”

Parent-Teacher Conferences (PTC): Friday 27th September – Please can everyone return your child’s green, pre-conference paper as soon as you have filled it in to help us prepare for our time with you.

  1. Last day of term 1 – Friday 4th October

  2. First day of term 2 – Monday 21st October

Have a lovely weekend,

The Kindy team


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