Kindy A- 2nd Week of Term 1

Dear Parents and Friends,

Our week started with a cookery class, we created something that everyone enjoyed. The children cut the pineapple, smelled the cinnamon and tasted the sugar. Ibu Pipit mixed them all together and heated them on a small stove. We noticed the steam in the air and smelt the delicious, sweet smell as the 3 ingredients cooked together. We then waited until the mixture cooled down. Next, the children filled kulit lumpia (flour paper wraps) with the filling. They folded the skin carefully to make sure that the filling didn’t leak out. After that, Ibu Pegi fried the lumpia in coconut oil to crisp the skins. We ate our  Lumpia Nanas shortly before home time  with our friends from Grade 5 who had come to read us stories. They were oh, so yum!

Anjing Kintamani continued to explore our thematic – All About Me – Friendship and Feelings. The children have been creating a paper kite with their personal information on it. They wrote and drew things that are dear to their hearts such as their countries, families, friends and things that they love.

This week was our first lessons on literacy and maths! Ibu Jo put her floppy super ears on and led the

Ibu Yulia had fun with the children when she revisited the numbers  1-10 to  by asking them to  identify the number by its shape, counting how many letters are in their name, and a number dance.   We have also been learning the numbers in Bahasa Indonesia too. Satu, dua,tiga, empat, lima – we are doing 6 to 10 next week!

Bambajam with Pak Duncan had the children playing a note and rhythms on the bamboo instruments with the children taking turn to be the conductor of the class.

Continuing the musical theme, Pak Brett came to our class with his guitar. The children sang the tongue twister song ‘Jennie Jenkins’ and more. The class ended happily with a musical statue dance and howling like dogs to the moon.

We went to yoga studio  to have a yoga class with Ibu Cherry aka Ibu Ruslee. The children introduced their names through movement with song that went ‘ I want to know your name, I really like to know, and your name is….’ the chosen child then introduced her/his name and did a yoga pose of their choice for us all to try out. The lesson went way after the allocated time but we had so much fun, we didn’t even realise it!

We have been integrating Bahasia Indonsesia throughout our day and this week we have learnt a new colour everyday.

To celebrate Indonesia’s 72nd  Independence Day, Anjing Kintamani joined forces with Geckos and Starlings on the Green Camp field to play some games. We did a limbo dance under bamboo poles, challenged ourselves to the marble on a spoon race and giggled a lot as we played the ball tossing game.  Did you play any more games on Thursday, the real Independence Day, on your day off?

There were a lot of tired people in Anjing Kuntamani by the end of the week, including us grown ups, with so many new things happening and all our learning.    We can’t wait to see everyone tomorrow at 9,30 for Saraswati.

Ibu Pipit, Ibu Jo and Ibu Pegi

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