Kindy A: Back to School

Having snack on the bridge!

Happy new year! We are very pleased to have two new Kindy A members joining us on the second semester of the year; Jae Young from Korea and Nefes from Turkey. To start off the year, the children of Kindy A had a little morning picnic on the Minang bridge.

Isaac: So this is what I did on my holiday!

The Holidays had been our favorite topic throughout the week. Not only the children shared their holiday stories,but the also drew their most memorable holiday moments. At the end of the week, the class had a holiday photo and video showing of their holidays.

Playing gamelan with Pak Alex and Pak Aris

This semester we will still be having most of our regular specialist classes such as P.E., Library, Yoga, and Green Studies. However, we now have music class with Pak Alex and Pak Aris. The children attended their first music class with them and had a lot of fun. They were introduced to mini gamelan and they played some musical games.

All in all, Kindy A had a great first week!


Kindy A Team

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