Kindy A: Double Mystery Guests

This is ‘Take Tombo’ in Japanese writing!

This week Kindy had a couple of mystery guests; Ibu Kaori and Pak Yuichi (Taku’s parents) and Ibu Marta (Clara’s parents)! Ibu Kaori and Pak Yuichi introduced the children to a Japanese traditional toy called “Take-Tombo” which means Bamboo Dragonfly.

Flying the Take Tombo

They played the Take-tombo on the playground. Meanwhile, Ibu Marta came to do a very special story-telling. Not only did she tell the story, but she drew it as well! At the end she donated the drawing guide book to the class.

For literacy the children begun to learn how to read three-letter words! They tried to read words such as mat, cat, sat, and fat! Some sight words like a, an, and, and the were also introduced. For math, the children started to learn simple addition. They did it through lots of fun games using classroom equipment such as blocks, sticks, paint, beads, toy furniture, and many more!

Illustrated story-telling by Ibu Marta

This week both Kindy A and B did had their very first trash walk session! They roamed around the school ground to gather trash they found along the way and put them in mini trash bags! We certainly had A LOT of fun!

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