Kindy A: Friendship Day

Dear Kindy A families,

Thank you for your participation in our Potluck Breakfast session last Wednesday! It was very lovely to gather and get to know each and one of you a little better. We kicked the week off with a special visit from the Head of High School, Ibu Leslie, who came down to Kindy A and read a story.

Potluck Breakfast

Story-telling with Ibu Leslie

    We have been having ‘Friendship Day’ on every thematic lesson as one of the activities of our Feelings and Friendships theme. One child is randomly chosen to be the ‘Friend of the Day’  which then he or she will be answering questions from all classmates about his or her favorites. All answers will be turned into drawings and those drawings will be collected into a book. We also combined both Kindy A and B together to perform the Friendship Song in the Friday assembly that we had been practicing throughout the week. The performance undoubtedly captured the heart of the audience.

Today Frankie is the Friend of The Day

Friday assembly performance

A couple specialists have begun their lessons with the children such as Pak Bambang for P.E. and Pak Brett for Green Studies. In P.E. class the children got the chance to play with a big colorful parachute and in Green Studies class they explored the garden of Green Camp where they found and observed onion leaves.

Playing with parachutes

Observing the onion leaves

We also had our first cooking class of the year which was led by Ibu Yuadi. The children made a Balinese traditional snack called Kue Singkong (Cassava Cake). They grated the cassava, blended the cassava leaves to get the green color, mixed the grated cassava and the green color, steam the mixture, and at last enjoyed the cake with some liquid brown sugar as well as coconut sprinkles. The children certainly loved it!

Grating the cassava

Isaac and Taku: ‘Hmmm, Kue Singkong ini enak sekaliiii’

That’s all there is for this super busy week! Hope you all have a nice weekend and see you on Monday!


Kindy A Team


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