Kindy A: Making New Friends

This week Kindy was introduced to a new theme, “Eating the Rainbow”, where they explored different types of food categorized by colors that they love and never seen before.

Two mystery guests came to visit Kindy A; they were Ibu Marta her sister Ibu Tita. They showed the children how to draw princesses and monsters!

The highlight of the week however, was when both Kindy A and B visited the local Kindergarten, Goval! We all walked from our campus to theirs which only took us about 5 minutes. When we arrived the children immediately played on their playground. Then the children sang some songs such as “Disini Senang”, “Good Morning”, and “Green School” songs. Meanwhile, the children of Goval sang their own songs that.  After singing, we all did the “Chicken Dance” exercise led by a Goval girl named Angel. When it was story time, Ibu Tara and Ibu Kiara read a book called “The Little Red Hen and the Grain of Wheat” in two different versions which were English and Bahasa Indonesia. The children then had their snack time followed by playing time; some children from Goval were having their Balinese dancing lessons and a few of Green School students joined in. In the end, we presented a gift we made in advance to Goval Kindergarten.

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