Kindy A: Mini Trash Walkers

This week both Kindy A and B had the chance to watch a shadow puppet show by Ibu Kiara. The story that came from Sulawesi Island was about a princess and a very modest man who ended up living happily ever after. The children enjoyed the show very much.

Shadow Puppet Show

In Green Studies class, Pak Brett and the children went on a butterfly adventure. With nets in their hands, they explored the school ground to catch some butterflies. But do not worry, they let go the butterflies after observing them for a short period of time. They focused on the size, shape, and colors. In the end, the children drew the butterflies they had observed. In literacy, the children learned how to work together as a team in order to create letters using the cushions.

Butterfly Adventure

We made a T

On Friday, Kindy A and B did another trash walk session with Ibu Suci. This time it was not on the school ground, but around our Sibang Kaja neighborhood. They mostly picked up plastic trash and dropped them off at Kembali.

Sibang Kaja’s Mini Trash Walkers

Throughout the week, Kindy A children have been practicing for the Indonesian Assembly that is coming up next week. Prepare yourself for a treat next Friday December 11th, 2015 at 9 am at our beautiful playground.


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