Kindy A: New Class, New Friends, New Teachers!

Dear Kindy A families,

Fun was all we had on the first week of Kindy A! We got to know each other through many different games including “Who’s Behind the Curtain?” as well as through catchy songs that they loved to sing every morning during circle time. The children were also introduced to their own pet plants that they have to take care of for the next few weeks. But here’s the catch, they can only find out what kind of plant it is once it is fully grown!

Watering my pet plant!

The children attended the school’s Welcome Back Ceremony where they had to wear Balinese traditional attire. To complete the experience, Ibu Yuadi taught them on how to make Kwangen, a small triangular offerings, before the ceremony started.

Making Kwangen with Ibu Yuadi

To make our classroom a lot brighter, we began to make classroom display projects. The first one was Kindy A welcome sign in Bahasa Indonesia that says “Selamat Datang di Kindy A”. The sign was decorated with the children’s as well as the teachers’ hand and foot prints. Another thing that we made was a full body trace display which the children decorated by coloring with both crayons and water paint, pieces of fabrics, and beads.

Decorating my body trace

Last but not least was the classroom birthday display. The teachers took a facial portrait of the children to be printed and cut in half. What they needed to do was to complete the other half of the portrait with their own drawings.

All in all, the first week was a success! We can hardly wait for next week!


Kindy A Team


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