Kindy B – Matahari is our sun! New thematic and a fun filled week all around (Mud pit and Dark

Hello Kindy Buaya family!

We hope that as the end of the year approaches, we remember to be kind to ourselves and take a break from the business here and there to breathe in the air and smell the flowers.  It is fast approaching and we only have five more weeks until we are officially on holiday at Green School.  There are a few holidays still mixed in so it is going to fly by.

With our new thematic, “Matahari is our Sun,” beginning in Kindy, the students were asked to draw what the sun means to them and created some really remarkable representations.  This week brought a lot of fun and though pak Garrett was away with camps, pak Made helped us to create the obstacle course as well as to keep the kids active all throughout P.E. time.

Pak Duncan was also away so we had extra time to rehearse our performances for the assemblies and we hope you will be enjoying those with all of us in the coming weeks.

In cooking class, we made raspberry muffins (ultra yummy) and in Literacy class we explored the new sound of “ch” and the wonderful and delicious words we can make with that sound (chocolate and chicken anyone?)

At the risk of sounding like a broken record, here are the dates again (I know I need the reminder so maybe there is a parent or two like me who will appreciate it):

Indoneisan Assembly will be on MAY 23rd.  This is a very special time of year for the parents to join and for the students to show off their hard work.  The teachers and assistants put a lot of time and effort into this as well

KINDY GRADUATION (probably the cutest event at GS): JUNE 13th.

Our MUD PIT date has been confirmed and please bring an extra change of soilable clothes (dark colors best or something you no longer need) on Thursday June 7th.  Parents are welcome to join in on the mud fun (we will go around 9am to the Mepantigan area and the kids love to get dirty and have more confidence when the parents are involved).

AND on Monday, May 14th we are going to celebrate Dark Moon Ceremony at 9.30 at our school temple. So please pack ceremony clothes for your kids!

In solidarity.

Ria, Brett, Yulia and Pandan

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