Kindy B: New Kindy Friends

Dear Parents,

Many engaging things are happening in Kindy B!  First, we have been exploring the diversity of our plant world and have come to realize that plants are different just like us and we all share the same space, Mother Earth, as one giant living community!  The children have represented this in a beautiful art project that every child contributed to.  The children also created shades of green in a colorful painting and made “plant portraits” of the plants they love the most around Green School that they notice on our nature walks.

Green Studies with Pak Brett has taken the children up close and personal with plants.  The class found medicinal plants such as aloe, and even took some to the clinic for the doctor and nurses to use!  Constructing the Ogoh Ogoh and listening to traditional Indonesian animal stories has been a focus during Indonesian class with Ibu Yulia and Ibu Suci.  Ibu Yulia planted beans with the class and they will be charting to see which beans will sprout first at our growing table in the class.

The best part of the week was visiting our new Kindergarten friends at Goval Kindergarten, just up the road from Green School!  The classes sang songs, both in English and Indonesian, played, had snack together, and listened to a story by Ibu Tara and Ibu Kiara! Some brave Green School students even participated in the Balinese dance class given by the teachers.  At the end of our exciting morning, we presented Goval Kindergarten with a gift we made for them for allowing us to visit their school.  A great day for all!

See you next week!

Kindy B Team

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