Kindy B Term 1 Week 8

Dear Kindy B Friends,

The children started the week off by painting the Kindy Playground bamboo house.  It was really fun to see the children mixing paint to create new colors and working together on a project they are proud of.

“If you mix blue with a little bit of green, it makes a beautiful turquoise!”  Sabine

The worm bin the class made during Green Studies really has them excited about worms and animal science.  The children dug up some worms in the garden and studied them up close and personal with a magnifying glass. Their natural curiosity encouraged questioning such as “How do they move?” , “Do they have eyes?” and “Where is their tail?”  After observing like scientists, they discovered “Worms move by sliding on their tummies!”  and “Maybe they don’t have eyes or they are too small for us to see!”.

Our mystery guest this week was Ibu Karen.  She got the children excited by dressing up in disguise and then helped them create bamboo rings of tissue paper and leaves and flower petals they collected outside.  A beautiful addition to our classroom!

In P.E. the children have been practicing important gross motor skills such as balancing, jumping, hopping and hand eye coordination activities with balls and hoops.  They are enthusiastic about P.E. each week and improving their skills!

In BambaJam class the children have been experimenting with different notes and are playing two songs now, Twinkle Twinkle Little Star and Frere Jacques.  They even have the opportunity to practice being the conductor by leading the class with the sheet music.

This week in Cooking, the children made a special Balinese treat called Cantik Manis.  They squeezed the coconut milk themselves and blended it with tapioca.  After it thickened, they wrapped the sweet treat in a banana leaf and pressed it into a shape.  Cooking class is always a favorite activity in Kindy B!

The children will continue to learn letters and sounds and number sense through songs, games, and play after the break.  In Bahasa Indonesia, they made a traditional toy with Ibu Yulia and have been learning their colors as well as having familiar vocabulary reinforced daily.

Have a restful and beautiful holiday!  See you October 19.


Kindy B Team

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