Kindy B Term 1 Weeks 6 and 7

Dear Families and Friends,

The past two weeks and have been interesting and exciting for our Kindy B children!  The children created a collaborative art piece by splash painting to music in their own interpretation of the style of Jackson Pollock.

Continuing with their dreams as we read and talk about the BFG, the children created their own Dream Jars using recycled jars from Kembali and cotton.  They thought about the most beautiful and happy dream they could imagine and created a narrative to go with it.

One of the highlights of the week was having a teddy bear picnic with our Grade 4 buddies! The children shared their favorite cuddly toy with their buddy and enjoyed snack time and a short playtime with them as well.

This week’s field trip to Yellow Coco was so exciting for the children.  The day was filled with drama, games, music, crafts, and even a shadow puppet show!

Green Studies has been particularly busy these past 2 weeks.  The children created their own compost worm bin, to observe the worms creating compost water that the gardeners can use to help the plants grow in and around Green School.  The children created the Worm bin by using soil, compost, water, and hay soaked in water and molasses.  Finally our pumpkins and sunflowers were ready to be planted in our Kindy Garden!! The children planted them in the ground and used compost from Green School to give them nourishment.

Our Mystery Guest this week was Pak Dan, science teacher from the high school!  He surprised the class by making Magic Mud with them, a substance that can be a solid and a liquid at the same time!  Oh what fun!

The children continue to learn about letters and sounds through songs and games.  This week we got to practice forming letters out of clay!

Reminders for parents:

October 9 is Parent Teacher Conference Day.  Please email Ibu Tara if you would like an appointment.  No school for children that day.

October 12-16 Mid Semester Break.


Ibu Tara, Ibu Yulia, Ibu Parwati


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