Kindy B Term 2 Week 1

Dear Families and Friends,

Welcome to Term 2.  Hope everyone had a fun and relaxing break!

It was so lovely to hear about everyone’s holidays at school this week.  The children shared during the morning circle and drew pictures to help each other visualize.  So many exciting things happened, from going to islands in Indonesia, horseback riding, visiting Thailand, and many more!

The children began the week by visiting the Bali Starlings, which are kept near our classroom.  We were lucky enough to be guided by Ibu Lara, who works for the Begawan Foundation.  She told us how the birds are kept and what their daily life is like, including what they eat and where they play.

Ibu Erika is taking Ibu Russlee’s place while she is away and we are also lucky enough to have extended yoga class!  This week we played animal games in yoga class with Ibu Erika.  The children practiced poses along with songs.

This week in Green Studies, Pak Bret presented the BAWA organization that helps rescue animals around Bali.  They talked to the children about what to do if a dog is hurt and what to do if they get bitten.  Very helpful and informative!  Both Kindy classes enjoyed the presentation and video very much.

Next week, Green School celebrates Halloween and the Full Moon Ceremony.  Bring traditional clothing on Tuesday and a costume Friday.

See you then!

Kindy B

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