Kindy B Term 2 Week 4

Dear Families and Friends,

This week the children finished up their Komodo Dragons using recycled materials from Kembali.  We discussed where the Komodo lives in Indonesia, how big it gets by comparing it to objects in our room, and how it smells through its tongue.  The children were fascinated by how fast the Komodo moves!

The Green School gardeners came to harvest the coconuts from the Kindy garden.  We watched the gardening team climb the coconut tree and then use a pulley system to gently lower them to the ground.  An exciting afternoon for the children, indeed!  We even got to keep a bunch for next week’s cooking class.

In Literacy, we are concentrating on rhyming and beginning sounds.  A favorite activity was a partner game where one partner says a rhyming word and the other partner has to hop out the letters.

Ibu Yulia showed the children how to make a traditional Balinese spinning toy from a baby coconut, a stick, and a rubberband.  It took several tries to get the toy to spin, but with determination and focus, they succeeded!

In Green Studies, Pak Brett brought two visiting teachers to the class and they taught the class how to play two animal games.  The children had the greatest time acting out different animals and working together.

We also started learning our Balinese dance routine for the Early Years Indonesian Assembly.  You won’t want to miss it!  Date TBA

Other dates to remember:

November 20 – Kindy Trash Walk

December 4 – Bambapalooza

Thanks so much!

Kindy B Team


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