Kindy B Week 3

Dear Families,

Many wonderful things are happening in the Kindy classes, including collaboration with Grade 4.  Grade 4 students brought favorite picture books to Early Years and read stories to their Kindy friends.  The children enjoyed sharing with new friends and we look forward to more time with our Grade 4 Buddies!

Ibu Parwati and Ibu Yulia shared a special Indonesian pancake recipe during Cooking this week called “dadar gulung”.  The children grated coconut, palm sugar and made pancakes from straining leaves to get a beautiful natural green color.

A great opportunity to practice letter recognition came when the students helped identify letters and then painted them to make signs for all the amazing plants growing in our front garden.  They also are learning the Bahasa Indonesian words for the plants.  They are excited to learn about the plants and even plant pumpkin seeds next week!

Pak Duncan made his debut this week and the children got familiar with the Bamba Jam instruments and practiced playing notes and conducting to the class!

See you next week!

Kindy B Team

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