Kindy B Week 5

Hi Families,

This week in PE the children engaged in activities to strengthen their gross motor skills, such as hopping, throwing, and catching with Pak Bambang.  We also received new outside games from Ibu Suci to help with sportsmanship and creativity on the playground!  The children love inventing new games and having sack races with each other.

In Yoga class with Ibu Russlee and Ibu Erica, the children practiced many poses by playing a game where they dance to the drums and then stop and make the pose in the spot where they land.  So much fun!

In Bahasa Indonesia, the children are learning about colors and they created pinwheels of all their favorite colors that spin beautifully in our classroom jungle breeze.

This week in Art with Ibu JanJan, the children painted in the style of Jackson Pollock.  They had loads of messy fun!

They also enjoyed reading books and storytelling together in partners in the classroom after playtime this week.

As part of our “Dreams” thematic study, the class read “Where the Wild Things Are” and created crowns and Wild Thing puppets.  They discussed how the character Max fell asleep and woke up in the land of Wild Things.  After creating their props, the children acted out the story and had an amazing time dancing during the wild rumpus.  “Let the wild rumpus begin!”  We also heard a Native American tale about dreamcatchers and have begun to make beautiful dreamcatchers that represent the Earth, Wind, Fire, and Water.  These dreamcatchers will catch all the beautiful dreams while you sleep!

Very BIG thank you to Ibu Aubrey who was our Mystery Guest this week and brought a book for story time.

Reminder:  Thursday 24, Friday 25 – No School for children

See you next week!


Kindy B

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