Kindy B – Week 8 Term 3

Dear Parents,

We had a fabulous and busy week. We have been working on our Ogoh-ogoh,the Fat Penguin, so hard. We put recycled paper on it and we are still working on reusing milk box to put smooth touch on our Ogoh-ogoh. Ibu Ria shared about how Balinese people celebrate their new year. Ask us about it! We also learn why spikey pandan (name of the special leaf) is so important for our Ogoh-ogoh. It is believed that creating Ogoh-ogoh without a spikey pandan cause the Ogoh-ogoh to comes alive. We also got a chance to observe the spikey pandan.

During music class, Pak Brett taught us a funny song, called “good ol’ electric washing machine blues.” We create a funny sound with our mouth to mimic the sound of the old washing machine. In Bambajam class, Pak Duncan told us that music can also have a conversation. It means with a partner, we share a turn to play the bamboo instrument. Pak Duncan also prepared an additional music when we play the instruments.

In literacy, we learnt a new sound which is z. In groups we are engaged to make a zoo with animal toys. We think and sort of the sounds that animals started with. For example, for elephant.

In math class, we refresh our mind about odd and even number in a fun activity. Then explore more about measurement. We went to the playground, got on to the seesaw then find a friend that can balance with us or even heavier and lighter. We also check our weight to the clinic with a scales weight. 

In order to strengthen our motor skill, we practiced different movements in PE class with Pak Garrett and in yoga class with Ibu Russlee. We were having so much fun in both classes. Ibu Russlee gave us a chance to be a yoga teacher by playing yoga duck duck goose. We sit in the circle then we choose a friend as a goose. We need to chase the goose that run around the circle until that goose sit on our spot. Then we are yoga teacher and everybody else will follow our yoga poses. 

The cooking class this week,we learnt to make vegetarian sushi. We then shared the sushi that we made to our friends. We practice more in cutting the vegetables and rolling the nori.

Moreover, we also happily experienced full moon ceremony. It is special because we had a water blessing on the water spring closed by the bridge. The water is so fresh and it was so fun walking under the water sprinkle.

Today, we also celebrate a special day from India which is Holi. Ibu Preeti,one of the teacher at Green School who comes from India shared her culture by reading a book about Holi. We also watched how they celebrate Holi in India. We all, Early Years community danced together during playground time and threw colorful flowers to our friends as a symbol to start a new and fresh relationship.

SAVE the date!!!

March 9th : SLC (Students Led Coference)

March 15th: Ogoh-ogoh Parade

Have a great weekend everybody

Kindy B team


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