Kindy Buaya-Week 1 Term 4

Dear Parents,

Welcome back everybody! We hope you had a wonderful holiday.

It is such a short fantastic week back from our holiday. Wednesday was the first day of school and we were so happy to meet each other. We started our class activities as usual, having bambajam class with Pak Duncan. We practiced our music skill especially with awesome bamboo instruments. We took a turn to play the whole part of the song. Pak Duncan also engaged us to guess the song from clap beats.

During PE class, Pak Garret created a fun activity following “Ginger Bread Man” story. Four corners were set up with different cones colors around. A Ginger Bread Man then chosen while everybody else  stayed on one corner. After Ginger Bread Man said the mantra “Run run as fast as you can, you can’t catch me. I am the Ginger Bread Man”, everybody should move to another corner once. Ginger Bread Man’s job is to catch and tag everybody.

In literacy and math we reviewed our learning from last term to refresh everybody’s mind within some fun activities including reading, writing and counting practice. During bahasa  class, we practiced our number in a game called “Ayam (chicken)” game.

And we were also back to strengthen our body in yoga class with Ibu Russlee. Traffic light game is one of our favorite games. One friend will be an instructor who  chooses colors of traffic light and others need to follow the direction given. For example, red light means stop and dance on the spot, green light means run and purple light means yoga poses that is chosen by the instructor.

During Green Studies, Pak Brett read a story of flowers. We also went to flowers hunt around the school and collected flowers seeds. This time, we have been started our new thematic called “Authors and Illustrators”. The mystery guest are always welcome to read a book or even doing another simple activity. We started this theme by dressing up and choosing our character. We introduced our self to everybody, had a fun tea party and danced along with the music on.

Please note that the following Friday, April 13th, is a normal school day as per school calendar 2017-2018.

Have a great weekend everybody!


Kindy B team

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