Kindy Buaya Week 3 Term 3

Dear Parents,

It has been a wonderful week to see all the family members coming back together. Welcome back Zixing! We continued our thematic by discussing the water source in Bali including river. Then we went to the bridge to observe the longest river in Bali, Ayung River. There were two big questions to start our week such as, where does the Ayung River start from and where does it end. We looked at the map of Bali and got into a deep discussion about water. We also created our own map and drew the Ayung River from the Mount Batur all the way to Sanur beach. On the line, we excitedly made 3D project out of dough. Another fun thematic project was making a watershed and spraying it with blue water as the rain. We got a chance to observe that water goes from the higher places all the down.

Pak Garrett engaged us in some fun games to practice our gross motor skill. A gentle reminder to please bring shoes for PE class every Wednesday as the schedule had been changed. In addition,We had a wonderful time to practice our yoga poses with Ibu Russlee. In Bambajam class, Pak Duncan invited us to create a story with some feelings, happy, sad, and scared. Then we are divided into 3 groups that made different tone to show those feelings. A certain group will play the bambajam or bamboo instrument when they hear the feeling in the story.

During math, we learnt about one less than (…) and one more than (…). We also explored odd and even numbers. In literacy, we learnt a new sound this week which is /e/ for echo, egg, elephant. So far we have covered s,a,p,t,m,n,o,i,u,r,h,c,b,d,f,l,g. We also learnt two new camera words/ tricky words such as, no, said and also reviewed I, was, are, the, to   me, he, she.

In Bahasa Indonesia class, we explored more opposites words along with the songs and this week were besar x kecil (big x small). We made Indonesian traditional cake named “Kue Dadar Gulung” or rolled cake with sweet grated coconut. We put natural food coloring from leaves.

In Green Studies we designed our water run that we will build next week. It is almost like a water slide for insects but we are hoping that it can be a way for us to water the garden and watch the water go back and forth as it travels down its course towards the ground. In addition to this we are learning about how water can even travel underground from the rain and from the lakes and rivers. Kindy Buaya thinks that “groundwater” can be found if we dig in the right place but we also think that if we dig really far in some places, that we would find lava.   We also found out that sometimes the lava gets so close that the water gets hot like a natural bathtub.

Thank you for our amazing Mystery guest who created a beautiful story along with the dance. Thank you Ibu Kara

We have some important messages such as:

PE – moving to Wednesday!

From next week PE will be switching from Friday to Wednesday so please make sure your child has sports shoes each week on this day.

Tuesday 30th February – Green School’s Annual Book Fair

The book fair will be open January 29th  – February 2nd from 9am – 4pm  on the 2nd floor HoS near library. There is a  10% discount on 1st and 2nd day to all students, parents and staff. We will also provide bargain books for a low price. By shopping at our school Book Fair you will not only be giving your children access to great new books to read wherever they go but you will also helping the school raise money to buy more books for the school library.

Thursday 15th February – Potluck breakfast

We would like to invite you to our Early Years Breakfast Party on Thursday, February 15th from 8:15-9:30 am. All Early Years (Geckos, Starlings, Kindy A and Kindy B) families are invited to join their children and classroom teachers for a fun potluck style breakfast. It is a chance to connect with other parents and welcome new families, plus enjoy some great food together! Please bring something healthy to share. (Fruit, healthy baked goods or pre-made smoothies are great!). Unfortunately, we are unable to heat / cook anything there so whatever you bring should be ready to eat. We will provide banana leaf plates and some cutlery but please bring your own serving utensils. The breakfast will take place in the Kindy A eating area and kids will be welcome to play inside or outside (in that area) during that time.

Thursday 1st March – Full moon ceremony

Early Years will be celebrating the full moon at the temple near the spring and so we ask that the children come to school in their ceremony clothes and have clothes to change into afterwards.

Friday 9th March – Save the date!!!! Parent conferences 

Parent conferences are on this day – we will talk to you more about this day nearer the time.

Take care,

Ibu Yulia, Ibu Ria, Ibu Pandan and Pak Brett

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