Kindy Buaya – Week 5

Dear Parents,

What a wonderful week that Buaya had! We started the fifth week with a happy dance collaborated with the ukulele Master, Pak Kurt. Thank you for singing and cheering our beautiful Monday Pak Kurt! In music class, Pak Brett played some special songs and showed it on the screen so we were happily danced and wiggled our body.

Learning further about farm animals, we discussed the names of the farm animals’ babies. Besides that, we also learnt some facts that farm animals have, and the surprising one is horse has one less bone than human. The horse has 205 bones and this fact encouraged us to think about the total amount of our bones.

In Bahasa class, we learnt further about “Keluarga” which means family and sang a song about it followed by some movements. Ibu Ria also taught number in Bahasa in a fun game. Some projects in Bahasa class strengthen our skill by cutting and folding the paper to make “Rumah” or house. We also made a puppet for our mother and learnt to write “Ibu” which means a mother or a woman.

In literacy class with Ibu Jo, we started learning the sounds. We also observed our tongue when we said the words in front of the mirror. In math class, we learnt further about number in a creative way. Some super duper fun games were also included in both classes.   

During Bambajam class, we got a chance to play bamboo instrument combined with various musics. Pak Duncan also taught us about call and response strategy by using bamboo.  In cooking class, we made Indonesian traditional cake called “Putu Ayu”. This yummy cake is made out of grated coconut, flour, brown sugar, coconut milk and eggs. During yoga class with Ibu Russlee, we practiced some yoga poses in a fun activity to make our stay healthy and strong.

And HAPPY BIRTHDAY JESSICA. Happy five years old. 

Next Thursday, September 21st = NO SCHOOL

Tuesday, September 26th = Our first field trip as it has been announced it yesterday through the email.

Friday, September 29th = Parent-Teacher Conference

Have a great weekend everybody.

Ibu Ria, Pak Brett, Ibu Yulia, Ibu Pandan

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