Kindy Buaya – Week 5 Term 4

Dear Parents,

Yay, it had been a fabulous week! We are walking on the path to be in Grade 1. We are learning and preparing ourselves to be a Grade 1 student. It is a great chance to see and meet our new friends in Grade 1. We had our day learning literacy and math together. Pak Thabo and Ibu Amanda teach us a lot about literacy and numeracy with more transition days are coming soon. They introduced fun activities such as building different styles of blocks and its varied pattern to practice our Math skill. Some snake and ladder games with different numbers are also prepared for us to play with. And in literacy, we got some playdough to make some letters which is amazing. We also had a fun time  to draw portrait of ourselves.

Moreover, Kindys and Grade 1 also spent their time together during snack time. This was the first time we ate our snack in the HOS, Grade 1 friends showed us what to do before our snack time. And guess what??? We played together in the moving part area, such a cool experience. Ibu Amanda and Pak Thabo told us some rules to play safely around that awesome playground.

During PE class, we strengthened our gross motor skill through a fun game which works with so many rock paper scissor suits. In Yoga class, we did duck duck goose yoga game. It gives us a chance to be yoga teacher and shows our favorite pose. We also had our emergency drill on Thursday and it takes place at Green camp field.

In literacy we learnt new camera or tricky words “come” and “here“. We also learnt another new sound “q” or “qu“. We practiced our reading skill through varied activities. Ibu Jo engaged us in reviewing all the letters that we have learnt by using face paint to write on our friend’s face. In Math, we learnt subtraction through a story. In Green Studies class, Pak Brett read a book about Houses of Bark and we also watered the garden and learnt to save the water. During Bahasa Indonesia class, we practiced our performance and will surprise you on May 23rd.

Our author and illustrator of the week is Made Taro from Indonesia, Bali. Ibu Pandan and Ibu Ria acted the story entitle the monkey  who learns to share fruits to his friend. As our final project, we created our own book.  Next week, we are going to start our new thematic entitled “Matahari is My Sun“. If you are feeling interested to be a Mystery Guest, please contact us!

Have a great weekend,

Kindy B team


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