Kindy Buaya – Week 7 Term 4

Dear Parents,

Amazing week meeting some new different friends!

Starting the week with dark moon ceremony, yay! We had so much fun making Kwangen, the cone of flower offerings. We practiced our color vocabulary words in Bahasa Indonesia by looking at the varied colors of the flowers. It was also nice to keep the offering and bring it home and share it with our families. We prayed together with whole of Early Years at our school temple that morning.  It was such a fantastic blessing to start off the week!

It is the busiest term of the year because we are happily practicing dances and songs. In music class, we have been practicing a variety of songs of which, one, “Three is the Magic Number” we performed on the stage for our assembly. We also painted our number cards to bring on the stage.  Stay tuned for the video of the performance as we will send that out to everyone once we get it.

Next week, Wednesday, May 23rd we are going to be on the stage for bi-annual Indonesian Assembly which takes place in front of Pirate Ship at 9 am. We have been practicing Sajojo dance which is a traditional dance from Papua (the largest island in Indonesia) and two Indonesian songs such as Burung Kakak Tua (parrot) and Burung Hantu (owl). We are going to wear special outfit made out of leaves and please pack black shirt or t-shit and black pants to go under the leaves outfit! Everybody are welcome to watch our beautiful performance!

We also met some new friends from Kalimantan and Australia who came as Mystery Guest on Monday and Tuesday afternoon. They shared their culture with us by dancing, listening to the story, music and singing.

In Bambajam class, we engages to learn bamboo instruments with a “Pop Goes the Whistle” song with Pak Duncan. Pak Garret invited us to support our friends from different schools in doing the race. We happily cheered all of them!

In literacy, we reviewed the two letter sounds that have been learned and also learned a new sound, /sh/ for shop, ship, fish etc,. In math, Ibu Yulia had all the students actively engaged to practice our simple addition and subtraction in a quiz competition. We made two groups and discussed the question given before signaling that we had come to the answer in our team.  We scored points for correct answers and remembered to be happy even if we didn’t have the most points at the end of class.

In yoga class, Ibu Russlee taught us a new movement called Warrior Friends. We practiced this yoga pose with a partner. Ask us how the movement goes!

During Green Studies, Pak Brett invited us to the compost center to get compost and we found some worms to lives in our garden. Another fantastic Mystery Guest was Ibu Penelope who came for story telling and an animals game. She also shared a beautiful song about mother earth. Thank you for this opportunity Ibu Penelope. It is such a happy thing to close our week.

Our important dates:

Tue, May 22nd: All the Library Books should be Returned

Wed, May 23rd : Indonesian Assembly for whole Early Years Community & Stepping-up to Grade 1 Workshop for Parents at Grade 1A

Thu, May 24th: Stepping Up to Grade 1 Session

Thu, June 7th: Mud Pit 

Fri, June 8th: Green Camp (please check your email to fill your kids permission slip) & Final Date to Bring Reading Book and Book Folder

Wed, June 13th: Kindy Graduation 

Have a great weekend everybody!

Kindy B team


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