Kindy Visit to TK Goval

On February 26, Kindy A and B went for a trip to local Kindergarten called TK Goval. The school is only few meters from Green school campus that all they had to do is just walking. When we got there, they greeted us with smile and they let us play with all the playground equipment they have. It was fun.  We started off by singing Indonesian songs that all the children from both schools are familiar with, and introducing each other. Then we had PE together by doing Aerobic dance led by TK Goval. Ibu Kiara and Ibu Tara read a story using both Bahasa Indonesia and English, the children enjoyed the story and brought so much of giggles to all of the children.

After enjoying snacks together, they all had a playground time and some of Green school students learned to dance Balinese dance with TK Goval’s teachers until the visiting time was over. Before we head back to campus, Kindy A and B presented a display decorated with their handprints and writings that said “ Terimakasih untuk hari yang menyenangkan “ or Thank you for the fun day, and it really was.

 I would also like to say thank you for Early years parents that had donated the toys and school equipment for TK Goval school. They children were so delighted to receive the gift. Terimakasih.

This visit to local Kindergarten is a part of Budaya Indonesia lesson, where they learn about Indonesian culture and norm. Next is Kindy A and B will be hosting their new friends from TK Goval school on their upcoming visit to Green School in April. We all hope that from the relationship we make with local schools, will bring so much good things, joy and a benefit for all the children.


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