KKC Performs for the Green Educators Course Participants

Last week our Kul Kul Connection students danced and performed in front of Green Educator Course participants. In the dim light of Student Village, our senior Kul Kul students took to the stage to explain Kul Kul Connection’s history and our current efforts to connect with the local community. But it was not a run of the mil, powerpoint presentation. The three students did a show-stopping, mic-dropping dramatic monologue about Kul Kul Connection! The audience was impressed with their performance. Three little Starling students in the crowd, raised their hands politely to yell, “I LOVE IT!”

Last but not least, Prema Ananda, told his story… How he started as a young KKC student, and how he’s come such a long way since then. He just arrived back from COP-23 in Germany. From local to global and then from global to local. It was a great opportunity to share not only Kul Kul Connection’s message, but the message of the local community and the message of Green School pushing these Change-Makers forward.

The Bahasa Phrase for today is, ‘sebentar lagi lliburan sekolah!’, which means, ‘it’s school holiday, soon!’  

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