KKC Rice Cycle Experience – You can still join!

A month has passed, and the seeds have now grown into leaves. Our paddy is growing! Working with organic is never easy, but as a community of learners, our intention is to make our world sustainable.

The next stage of the rice cycle experience is Friday, Feb 10 at 8.00 a.m. Meet at the Bio Bus parking lot.

For more info, please email giyan.antari@greenschool.org.

Here is what high school students have to say:

Reo – Grade 12 My experience in the rice cycle has been amazing. It’s such a good way to connect ecology with Bali. I joined the program because I always eat rice, and I think living in Bali and eating rice, it’s so important to learn the process, as it grows all over! Its also a good way to get muddy fit and have so much fun in the morning.

Shei – Grade 11

Milan – Grade 9 I think that the rice planting was a very good experience and I would definitely recommend it to someone who has never done rice planting before. My experience was a very good one because I got to learn about the rice cycle and how important it is to Balinese culture. For example I did not know how hard it was to plant rice and the fact that the farmers have to come out every day to take weeds out and even fertilize the mud. I loved it, and I hope others can learn from this experience.

KKC would like to express sincere gratitude for the all participating rice cycle team, for putting their passion to work in the rice field with Kul Kul Connection.

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