Komodo and Flores Expedition

Hey Green School Parents, Faculty, and Staff!

We would like to invite you to this very special opportunity to join Lawrence Blair on a 6-day Expedition of the Komodo Islands (4-days sailing) and Flores (2-day land tour).

When? It’s on October 15-20, 2019.

On the morning of the 15th, we’ll embark aboard the Vidi sailboat (see photos of boat facilities in the attached pdf’s below) and spend 4 days sailing, hiking the islands, snorkeling, swimming, visiting the dragons in Rinca and Komodo, bird spotting, and seeking the little flying reptile, draco volansmeaning the ‘flying Dracula lizard’. 

On the 19th, we’ll disembark and begin our 2-day tour by land around the Island of Flores, including the petrified forest near Tebedo, hike to the “snake cave”, and the hobbit cave (both caves previously featured in Lawrence Blairs show Myths, Magic, and Monsters) and more. 

Please Note: Only 7 more spaces are available still to GS Parents and Employees, on a first come first served basis so if you’d like to join, or have any inquiry, please email brandon.bodhi@greenschool.org

Please have a look below at the two PDF’s attached below for more info: 

1) Invitation from Lawrence Blair with boat pictures and specifications

2) Poster of the Green School Expedition with more info on Lawrence Blair

The bunk beds on the boat will be mostly for the high school students joining, and the private and shared cabins will be given on a first come (or first reserved) first served basis.

The cost is $1700 which includes all meals, accommodation, activities, and services during the 6-days besides the following which is NOT INCLUDED:

  1. Flight to and from Labuan Bajo

  2. Taxi from airport to boat dock (10-minute drive)

  3. Hotel on the 14th (if you decide to come the day before) and on the 20th (last night)

Read more details in this PDF

To reserve your place, please pay the minimum $400 USD deposit or pay in full at Shanti House for the purpose of “Komodo Expedition with Lawrence Blair” and once again, email brandon.bodhi@greenschool.org when you’ve paid. 

P.s. Payment will need to be converted to the current equivalent in Indonesian Rupiah and paid in Rupiah.

If you want to fly to Labuan Bajo the morning of the 15th, please reserve either of the following two morning flights: 

  1. Wings Air flight IW-1888 at 8 am – 9:15 am

  2. Garuda air flight GA-7026 at 7:30 am – 9:05 am

If you cannot get either of these flights, please arrive the day before and stay one night in Labuan Bajo, as we will board the Vidi and hopefully all be present and ready to embark around 10:30 am Oct 15. Labuan Bajo is a charming place with lots to visit, so we do recommend coming a bit early and even staying a bit late if you have the time. 

Thank You, and we hope you’ll join us!

Green School

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