Kul Kul Connection Tour With Parents


This week the Kul Kul Connection teams are so delighted to host the Kul Kul Connection Tour with the parents that come from so many countries to Green School. On this tour, we explore the local village of Sibang Kaja, where Green School is located, some wonderful places around!

First, we went to a local chicken farm and the mushroom garden just across the street from Green School. Then, we go the Goval Vanthi Kumara kindergarten where we were welcomed by the cute local kids who sang “Bintang Kecil” together for us!

On our way to the next destination, we saw a big Kul Kul in Pura and stop by to learn the significance of Kul Kul for the Balinese society. We also walk to the Monumen Perjuangan to learn a little history of war in this area, where the explanations are so detailed, and we even talk about the caste system in Bali, the names, and the custom rules that is used in Bali. After walking in sunny day for a while, we stop at a fruit store to buy the coconut water. So refreshing! But the journey hasn’t ended yet! We explore more about the local customs and cultures by vitising the Banjar of Sibang Kaja. We met Pak Komang, one of the Banjar leader, where he explained the organizational structure and how the Banjar runs. Last, we went to Agritourism Sutera Sari Segara, a place of silk farming, where they cultivate silkworms to produce silk thread and turn it into silk fabrics This Agritourism site is also one of the Bali Starlings conservation, to support the preservation effort for this endangered bird species. What a day! We’ve got so many new information from various fields. This tour makes us realize about the unique beauty and knowledge surrounding us, which means there are more to explore about Bali! We’re looking forward to explore a lot more, with you!

Kul Kul Connection, to integrate and beyond!


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