Kumpul KKC is Coming!

Have you heard of Kumpul KKC? Kumpul means ‘gathering’ in Bahasa Indonesia – Kumpul KKC is an assembly for Kul Kul Connection students. Two weeks ago, we hosted the first Kumpul KKC of the school year. We plan to host our KKC assembly every month.

Kumpul KKC provides an opportunity for students to showcase what they have learned in their english classes. It a culminating experience for many of the students, as they prepare for many weeks prior to the performance. We hope these events boost their confidence and that they feel valued for their efforts. The KKC team hopes that these events will provide a platform to share KKC’s mission and help to connect Green School with the Sibang Kaja community.

The energy at the last Kumpul KKC was breathtaking. While KKC currently enrols over 300 students in our English, the KKC team did not expect so many people would attend this event. Students of all ages went up on stage. They danced, read their poems, and sang the Green School song in Bahasa Indonesia.

No one should miss the next Kumpul KKC! Come and catch the awesomeness! The next Kumpul KKC will be held on Friday, Oct 26 from 3:30-4:30pm. All are welcome!


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