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Hi Grade 5B Parents, Well, it’s been such a fabulous Term 3 and it sure did go by fast.

Tomorrow we have our end of the term festivities, starting with the Ogoh Ogoh celebration. That will begin at 9:00 am in the Sangkep. The parade will follow at 9:30am. After the Ogoh Ogoh festivities, the students will return to class as we have some fun things planned for the remainder of the day. We bid farewell to a fellow classmate who has been with us here for 2 years- Mimi Harvey. The students thought it would be nice to celebrate the end of the term and say goodbye to Mimi with a few activities and treats in class as a class.

Today was also quite special, as we put the final touches on our Ogoh Ogoh and practiced our chant and dance. The day was a balance of outdoor play and some intellectual stimulation. We started the day with a grade 5 scavenger hunt. This hunt took the students in groups, around the campus solving riddles and completing tasks. Once finished, we had a special surprise in the classroom for their hard work. We ended the day with a Math assessment to wrap up all  of the amazing skills they learned in class this term. In Literacy, the students have written, typed up and completed their book bag book reports! I was hoping they would present them in class this week, but of course too much going on. We will hold off on these presentations till next term. We have some fabulous readers and book critics in class.

Last but not least, while I hope you all have fabulous restful breaks, I would also love to see the students practicing and brushing up on some Math skills. The students are set up with Front Row and IXL already. They have logins and know their logins. I have access to both of these programs and can monitor on my end. It would be great if the students could do a little bit of practice over the break. Even if just 10 minutes a week. Thanks so much for your support!

See you tomorrow for our LAST DAY OF THE TERM!

School resumes on April 4th. Happy Holidays!

~Grade 5B Team

Here are a few pictures of our last days at school this term.

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