Last Week of ASA (join class left for 11-13 Dec)

After School Activities was canceled last week but this week, we are back! Thank you for everyone’s patience and understanding. Since this week is the last week for most After School Activities (ASA) that we have during TERM 2 therefore, we will not be holding ASA next week. However the following ASAs will still be there as per schedule for one class only left for this TERM: 1. BALI CIRCUS: Monday, 11th December 2017 2. BREAKDANCE: Tuesday, 12th December 2017 3. BALI GYMNASTICS: Wednesday, 13th December 2017

Next week we will launched the ASAs plan and schedule for TERM 3, so that everyone can make plan accordingly.

Also, read about Hand Lettering and Seeds to Table stories below…

  1. Hand Lettering the Green School Way!

In this dynamic after school class, students have been learning different methods of hand lettering. Using reusable whiteboards or scrap paper, students practice 3D letters, fonts with serifs, and cursive writing. Students visited KEMBALI to source some materials on which to create special projects such as signs with inspirational quotes, nameplates, and classroom posters. They used watercolors to create a beautiful background and then painted words or phrases using a wide variety of fonts. Understanding that practice helps with process was a key part of our learning and the more students practiced fonts, such as scripts, block letters, bubble letters, and more, the better they felt about their work. We also took inspiration from media sources, such as hand lettering artists on Youtube, where hand lettering has been increasingly popular! For our final two classes, students collected flat rocks on which they could write beautiful messages of inspiration.

  1. Seeds to Table!

Seed to Table is an after school activity which aimed to introduce Sustainable Eating which is a lined to our School value. By having three major components on this activity: Gardening, Food Knowledge, and Cooking Classes, it prepares students to be more mindful of their eating habits and the impact their habits have on their own health and well-being. Students gain an understanding of how to be more connected with nature –  learning to grow their own food from seeds and about food nutrition, and take care of them before they have to harvest them to bring to the table. They also encouraged to think creatively to create a world food with local ingredient, to plan their own healthy balanced diet menu and cook their own healthy food.  There are some story of failure but the most of it is the students are having fun with their garden and their creation.

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