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Hi Team

Last week was another typically AMAZING week at Green School. Students selected their elective choices for our last Block of the academic year – wow, the options are amazing! I would so love to be a student here. On Friday, it was great to meet parents and talk about my amazing students in the conferences.

In Literacy, we continued to develop our ‘listening for comprehension’ skills. Students listened to a podcast on colonising Mars, took notes and wrote their own summaries. A similar exercise was completed the next day but using a science podcast of the student’s individual choice. We also tested our listening skills by ‘attempting’ to draw a cartoon-style dog from verbal step-by-step instructions – that was an interesting experience (with a few very ‘interesting’ drawings of dogs). We are having a lot of fun in this class, learning a variety of scientific concepts, and developing improved literacy skills.

In Mathematics, students moved into the concept of Volume. Students practiced using different formulae in class, on a ‘scavenger’ hunt, and by using various recycled containers from Kembali (using estimation, formula calculations and measuring cylinders). We have one more week in this block – and I’m looking forward to my students demonstrating their new knowledge in our formal assessment task.

In the Coconut Science Thematic, students completed activities on Density (why does a coconut float), evolutionary adaptation, and we did a ‘science experiment’ by making coconut oil in the student kitchen.

With this current block drawing to an end, students will be asked to reflect on their learning journey over the past six-week period. We think this is an imperative component of the feedback-improvement loop – and, as parents, I encourage you to get involved in this process. Please feel free to contact me regarding any issues you have – I am always open to meet and discuss your child’s development.

Kind regards

Pak Sal

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