Learning Environment team: A healthy and safe start

A warm welcome and smile from Green School’s Learning Environment team, here to provide the best possible service to you. A team that puts high value on the health and safety of this community.

A new year has started and it is again awesome to see that our campus and its surrounding is becoming more vibrant. Filling with life and energy. To keep a nice flow of energy here are some important health and safety details;

1. One way direction Please note that the street that leads you to Green School is a one-way street for motorbikes and automobiles, which should only be accessed via the Southern entrance, and exited in Northern direction.

2. Vehicle Checkpoint When arriving at Green School’s Vehicle Checkpoint; As driver of a motorbike or automobile you should slow down, open your window, and show your RFID pendant. Driver’s are then directed to the designated parking and/or drop off area. Please be mindful to drive slow and safe.

3. Drop Off Zones We have developed Drop Off Zones, to ensure that students step-in and -out of a car in a more safe manner. Meanwhile, the main road is still to be used by other road users without any hindrance. We would like to remind you that these Drop Off Zones are not to be confused with, nor to be used as a parking space.

4. Wear a helmet Indonesia’s national helmet law requires drivers and passengers to wear a helmet while driving. That is why we would like to emphasis to all, to always wear a helmet when participating in traffic. No matter how long the distance is, please be the example to others and contribute to everyone’s health and safety.

5. A growing village A community of learners who come together on campus in the middle of a beautiful natural environment. A little village where people learn, eat and drink, shop, socialize and work in every corner of this 4.2-hectare campus. It is a place where we take care of each other and feel safe. It may take a little while before we remember each other names, but a smile speaks a thousand words in every language.

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